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Steve Jobs in HELL

Posted by Daniel St.Pierre on Oct 6, 2011

Yes, I’m sorry to say, but I do discern the man hailed as “having changed the world” and “link between man and machine” is likely to be sitting in hell, where his brilliance will burn among a lost society for all eternity. I fear Steve Jobs, because he renounced Yeshua, the savior, will scream in agony for EVER! But he’s got kids, what about them? And their children?

Q. How could a perfect, all loving God allow for such generous, kind, loving men be thrown into the lake of fire, along side all that is evil?
A. God didn’t send Steve Jobs to hell, the Buddhist Apple CEO did this all by himself!

Is Steve Jobs is Hell?If you don’t already know, there is only 1 way to heaven; through Jesus Christ, period. To believe otherwise is gambling with eternal life.

I believe Steve Jobs, in his finite wisdom missed out on his life’s mission. Yes, to countless Christians and I, one of the most intelligent, creative minds of modern times was actually a complete spiritual buffoon.

You see, Jobs was a Buddhist.


Answer this 1 question… Where is Steve now?

Statistically, unless you’re a self-serving Atheist choosing not to believe in a higher power because it suits your lifestyle, there are only 2 possible answers to the question.

  1. Steve Jobs is in Heaven rejoicing with God for all eternity
  2. Steve Jobs is in Hell with Satan in agony forever

The choice is ours to make, either to believe in a Creator and His begotten Son, and be saved from the wages of sin, which is death, or not.

Do not be fooled. Though God’s love is indeed unconditional, His judgment is not!

Don’t end up like Steve Jobs, a mortal witness that spread a worldly message that will continue to resonate evil online for decades to come.

It’s unfortunate Steve chose money over God…  What will YOU be remembered by?

Make no mistake, your faith is not only important to you, it’s important to God. My hope for you is you will be remembered as a faithful servant of the Lord, and that there will be NO DOUBT you were in Christ, and zero doubt you are headed to heaven.

Based on the truth, heaven is not the place for good people, it’s the place for God’s people. It truly saddens me that I have doubts about Steve’s faith and final resting place… but thanks for the iPhone Stevo, seriously genius dude!

- Typed on my iPad ;)

PS You don’t have to end up in hell. God loves you. He’s been waiting to hear from you. Now might be a good time to say hi, and thank you…

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