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Email request for Guidance

Dear Pastor Kolbe..My name is *** *** ... Could please teach me how to bind the Ruler of Darkness in prayer for salvation for loved ones and friends and also from financial situations.Thank you and God bless.

Hi ***

Sorry for only replying to you email now. I have been extremely busy.
To start with *** I am not a pastor. But I can help you in regards
to spiritual warfare, praying and seeing unloved ones getting saved and
helping with financial situations.

The thing is, it is not a sprint it is a marathon, but the more and
the longer you do it the easier it gets and the more results you get.

Do you know the difference between a miracle and a blessing?

A miracle example: You pray and pray and pray for a car, then God
steps in and supernaturally get someone to give you one.

A blessing is where you live daily in God's fullness,  you have enough
to give away and you can walk into a car show room and buy a car
without making debt.

God's best of us is blessings not living in a continues need for miracles.
Blessing last and cannot be taken away from us, miracles never last.
You'll see many people running after miracles but they are always
searching because it doesn't really satisfy.

The same with Spiritual ware fare and binding and loosing demons, there
is a place for it, but I don't believe God wants us to walk around
binding and loosing every day - don't see Jesus doing it.
It is a way of combating Satan but there are more powerful and lasting
way to deal with him. As binding normally has a time limit on it.

Think about this: what is one of the most powerful things on earth?
It's the concept of seed.
It makes all the plants grow, all the animals and livings keep on
living because of seed.

The Word of God is seed, God's seed. It created the World, it became flesh.

How are you going to make God's seed flesh in your life?

If you listen to a guy called Andrew Wommack


It will help alot, listen to the whole series even if at first it
doesn't appeal to you.


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