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Waiting on God

Once again I realise how sneaky Satan's tricks are, he is the master of deception.
(He's had loads of time to practise)
He deceives, deflects, diverts, cover up, out right lies. To keep us from our daily fellowship with Jesus. He gets us into reading loads of crappy books, or watching crappy tv or do something crappy.

This is how we enter into God's presence and fellowhip with Him:

Know that He exist and are the foundation of your life, He is always good and wants the best for You. He has your welfare at heart.

Go into a room by yourself remove all distraction.
Give yourself and hour - keep a watch close if you need to.

Deal with outward distractions:

Be dedicated to be isolated, don't answer the phone (it will start to ring), don't answer the door (if you don't really have to), stay in the room, put some nice mild praise and worship music on if it helps you.

Deal with mental distractions:

For this keep a note book handy, you will feel like you have to now, do the dishes, just quickly put the washing into the washing machine, just give your mum a quick call. Make a note of all of these and promise yourself you will deal with it at a later time.

Deal with spiritual distractions:
Yopu will start to sense the problems in your spirit, the unforgivenes, the fear, the hurt, the bitterness.Give this to God as Him to remove it, place it at the foot of the cross

Take a psalm, read it out load, ask God to help you hear his voice, listen with your spirit.
Once you start fellowshipping with Him, hearing His voice, the difficult part is to leave this place of glory!!!



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