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2 Dec 2010 Dongguan China

As God to help me to love the people closest to me, then find myself feeling irritated with those people, which made me as - what is happening, is God playing a cruel game?

Then I reflect, what I was asking God was really; God help us to all have a good feeling and feel good about each other. This is not real love. Like the word says that loving God is keeping His commands. I have some woman christian friends that always kind of boast about their ‘romantic’ love for God, which makes me often feel like there is something missing in my spiritual life, foir I barely feel this ‘romantic emotional’ love towards God. Now, I realise also that the Word says: Jesus says: If you love me, keep my commands.

Maybe true love is not true love is there is no effort, if it does not take a sacrifice. So when I ask God to help me love other, God gave me the oportinity for true love, not like the world loves; but true love. He faces me with my imperfections and give me the oportinity for true love. To love when you don’t feel like it.

We boarded the plane from Heathrow to Hong Kong on the 27th. Daniel felt a sleep the moment the plane was in the air as we kept him awake. Samuel - as expected did fell a sleep until much later. Arriving in Hong Kong we where tired but it was nice to arrive and see my parents.

Before we came to China the Lord was talking to me about something that caught my eye in an Afrikaans bible in a psalm which I can’t remember now, but there I saw that God said that we have to ask Him when we are in need, in fact He doesn’t like it if we don’t ask Him. The 10 leprosy’s that came to Jesus didn’t do Him a favour before He help them, He just helped them.

‘n Paar weke voor ons weg is in die UK, het Johan Boettcher my gese^ hy het ‘n woord vir my die woord is: ek moet my calling vervul, (wat dit is weet net God) maar hy het gese^ ek moet nie dink hoe om my familie te akkomodeer nie, maar net dink aan hoe om my visie te vervul.

Woon van more ‘n diens hier in Dongguan by Trinity Bible Fellowship. Die pastoor preek goed (hy beantwoord mense se vrae wat hulle deur die week na hom email toe)
Hy se^ ouers en God gebruik 4 maniere om te onderig/motiveer.

1. Fear of punishment and pain
2. Hope on reward
3. Sense of responsibility
4. Love

Wat sooo waar is.


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