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sin temptation and guilt

How to deal with sin and guilt and temptation


Sin. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it is slyg and creeps up on you. SIN Entangles.

What does sin do:

Sin basically ruins your live. It put you in a place where you don’t want to be.
Sin takes your confidence away towards God and people.
Sin makes you over react, or not react to people when you need to do the right thing.
Sin pressure you to do the wrong thing.
Sin makes you think of yourself in the wrong way.
Sin makes you view the world wrong.
Sin distorts your view of life, priorities, money, people, relationships, family.
Sin is poison, it is bad. And once you are under it’s grip, you don’t even know it.
Sin starts with temptation. But once you become comfortable with sin, you get experience in sin.
The temptation-lead time can be very, very short. One moment you walk in the blissful perfect presence of God, the next moment you wallow in a sin bath and enjoy every moment of it.

So how do you change if you can’t.?
Understand how Satan temps you, avoid those places and people..
Don’t trust any thought that comes in your mind.
Let the old man finally die..
Meditate on the work Christ has done for you. You ARE holy, you ARE pure, you ARE righteous by FAITH. (hope for what you can’t always see). The old man is buried with the old world.
The new man lives with Christ, the new man believes, get rid of unbelieve and disbelieve. The new man is seated with Christ. The new man lives in heaven, the new man is untouch and unmoved by this world.
The new man’s faith makes the word become flesh in this world.


Satan tempts you, your flesh tempts you.
Temptation is not rational, temptation can be rational reasoning, emotion, lust, other people, situation - everything combined, all at the same time!
Temptation can be strong, when every cell in your body, mind and emotions drags you like a magnet down the wrong path. You have been down that road so many times that you don't fight it any more.
Still, that emotion, that rational,that feeling, that believe, that situation it all is false, designed to keep you a - 'son' of God in bondage.

Battle sin does not start with focusing on it, concentrating what NOT to do.
Battle sin starts with understanding what Jesus HAS done.
Understanding that Jesus has already forgiven you for all that you have done, all that you are going to do. Understading that God does not get negative emotional feelings towards you when you sin, He pities you and longs to see you set FREE!

God does not change like a humans or are influenced emotionally by what we do or not do.
God does not 'likes' you when you read the bible and go to church and are a 'good' girl or boy and then likes you '10%' less when you make a sin a bit, and if it is a biggie -- ooohh, '40%' less. And now you are the bottom of God's favourites list. You will have to be good for a while, do some good things, pay your ties..impress God. (maybe He has a short memory, maybe tomorrow He will forget a bit or ease a bit of His wrath)
OH, 'MY GOD !!' How we DON't know God and don't understand Him !!!

HE never changes, His love is as stable is more stable than anything else. We access it or WE don't



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