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Pods of Potential - The Amazing Power of Seeds

Pods of potential

Many times people pray for miracles for healing, financial miracles, final blessing. They want God to ‘deliver’ all these things to their front door with the minimum effort on their part.seed

God made the world. Then He set it in perpetual motion by introducing the whole concept of ‘seed’. A seed provides a organism, plant, animal or human with the ability to reproduce over and over and over again, without limit.
Seeds start small normally but increase in size and strength as time passes. Seeds are
‘pods of potential’

God made the world by Words. God’s word became flesh. This is Jesus.
God’s word is like ‘seed’ - ‘pods of potential’.
It can be ignored, dried out, killed, choked or wasted.

Or it can grow and create ‘God flesh’ in us.

God said that His seed is good seed, it WILL accomplish that which it is send for.
God said that we must plant it in good ground, it is the quality of the ground that determine if the seed bear fruit and what kind of fruit it bear.
We have to take careful care of the seed, treat it with great concern.

We have to eat His Word, living bread (made out of seed), then water it in our ground with the water of the Spirit, this is our living relationship with our Father.

The unlocked the word

We have to ponder on His Word, confess it, claim it and protect it.

The Word says that very promise in the Word is yes and amen in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20)

Which basically mean that we can stand on the word spoken to David as if it has been spoken to us personally.

Standing on God’s Word, planting His seeds, see them grow into trees will affect every aspect of our life. This is what Christ paid for on the cross.

Time will produce

Our well being - receiving healing and living in health

Supplying for our needs - Financially and materially
Providing our protection - spiritually, physically, emotionally
Fruitfullness - Childbearing, fruits on our labour, success in what we do.
Every aspect which the Word of God speaks on.

It is one of those things, we have to ‘practise’ not just speak about to see the fruit.


gabriel potential seed

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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