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Can't cope? Life getting too hectic?

Life at times can be extremely demanding. Making you feel under valued, over used, despairing, depressed. If you are a 'normal' adult and you live in the west, especially!

Pressures like; 

to keep the pot cooking and 
the kids educated and fed
looking after elderly parents or people
keeping all the 'plates on sticks spinning without dropping any' can be a very demanding environment to be in.

The younger you start to learn God's way of doing things the more your life will be generally followed by peace.

Satan like his biblical shadow - Pharaoh is a slave driver. And he will slowly enroll you life into a lifestyle which makes you the 
slave and when he's got you there it is very difficult to get out of it.

When we were teenagers or single without kids we never thought that life can esculate into such chaos.

Then, as a Christian, you  think - 'I need to spend time with God' - but when? The kids wake up before me, and at night I am shattered.

The solution is a simple thing. You know when God calls  and say, 'Spend some time with me' and you say - 'Not now God I just want to finish such and such' ?

Then you get too busy, or eventually you when do spend time with God; there is no anointing. Although God is with you, the anointing to spend time with HIM has moved on.

The reason is: you placed God, SECOND or third or somewhere down the list of 'things' to do.

God wants to be FIRST in your life, that is way the bible says. LOVE the LORD your GOD with ALL your heart and all your soul and all your mind.


When you start your day: before you get dressed, take 5 minutes say. 'Good morning Lord' and open the bible ask God to speak to you.
Before you sit down and watch TV in the evening, sit for 5 minutes. Say, 'Thank you Lord for this day, please speak to me, let's fellowship'
Before you go to sleep, just put some praise and worship music on and focus your mind on Him, ask Him to fill you fresh with His Spirit and remove all the shackles and bondages Satan is trying to lay on you.

Let Him minister to you as you minister to Him. Placing God first in everything you do is the key to success in life!

fellowship quiet-time first-love depression despair

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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