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God hides knowledge because of pride

A while ago I was on my way to attend a church, on my way there I felt God saying to me. I don't want 'worship' from these people their hearts are far from me.

Yesterday, again I went to the same church, afterwards I was trying to share something I learned with the pastor after the service as we stand and chat. 

I was in my second sentence when I realise I lost him, like so many other pastors he was too proud to think he could learn something from me, or just wasn't interested. Something I find alot in the UK, arrogance.

(Ever wondered why God's supernatural manifestation is so few and far between the Western Civilisation? )

AS I was sitting in my car I felt the Lord saying to me. 'Do you know why these people know so little? It is because they are proud, knowledge puffs up, and in my mercy I keep knowledge away from them because they are not humble enough, to deal with more knowledge.'

For me it is a eye opener - that God will keep something away from you for your benefit if you are not ready for it. And also 'God please help me to stay / become / be humble.

As the Words say: 'humble yourselves before God and in due time He will lift you up'. As a good friend of mine said - invest in what is under the surface - spend time with God where no one sees. Humble yourself before Him.

He will make your leaves to grow green and lush!! PS1

proud arrogant church-life revelation gabriel

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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