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Cinderella Mozzerella the secret of happiness in life and marriage

Isn't it funny. For most people when they are young, it is almost as if they take for granted when they are in control of their own life, that the main things is: 'I will be happy'. The classic Cinderella story.

Unfortunately how life can turn out to be so different.

There no manual with a 'complete set' of instructions for complete happiness in live and marriage. But here is what I believe the bible has to say on the matter.

Core values

There are some 'core' values. If they are in place - you can work on the detail and refine them to increase your happiness in life.

Imagine your life as an old wagon wheel, with a centre hub and spokes that goes towards the edges.

The hub is your heart, or your spirit the true 'you' which affects the rest of you - your psyche - your emotions, your thoughts and reason, you motivations and reactions.

The bible says that - the HEART - the centre of your life and out of it flows the issues of life.(Proverbs 4:20 - 23)

So, the first thing is you have to get your 'hub' in order. Healed and straightened out.(Psalm 34:18)

This is easier said than done. Otherwise the life would be so rosy.

Some of the obstacles to over come is:

Evil empire evil ruler

You have an ultimate evil organisation which knows you, hates you, and targets you. They have not been leaving you alone, they will not leave you alone in the future. In actual fact, if they leave you alone, it means that you are under their bondage. (Ephesians 6:12)

You need healing to restore your heart.

So have to you deal with these?

You commit your life to JESUS, make Him LORD of your life.

SPEAK the WORD DAILY - this will both deter the demons that has been attacking you and also heal your 'hub'

OK, once you can do these things for yourself. Now let's look at your marriage.

Often Satan's demons will attack your through you spouse.

Especially if that person is not filled with the Spirit or the WORD - they will be an open door to attack you. Nothing hurt as much as someone close to you, putting a little dagger between your ribs…

Instead of wallowing in self pity, or fighting back. Instead of withdrawing in your shell, instead of fighting your corner - (you know you ARE right! Right? )

Instead of all of that:

Faith reaction

You speak the WORD, you pray the WORD.OUT LOAD.EVERYDAY.
Then you get a bit cross, not at your spouse but at the demons who has been tormenting you.The bible says (Matthew 18:18)

Then you start binding them. You bind the mind binding spirits, the negative spirits, the demons who put lies in your spouses mind, (and yours) the demons who bends intentions, actions and words. You bind the demons of sexual coldness, hatred, misunderstanding, godlessness, antichrist, laziness (?), lovelessness ext.

Here is an important lesson
What ever area of your life you don't take active authority, Satan and his allies will try and usurp that authority !!! Let me say that again for incase you missed it:


Go Go Go.

God has made us MORE than Conquerors let's take that which HE has provided.

Happiness in life and marriage!! He wants it for us more than we want it.

gabriel happiness marriage victory

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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