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In the last few weeks I feel so many spiritual attack - which often go hand in hand with emotional attacks. I feel dispondent, just 'down' and temptations to do something 'exciting' is thrown before me.

I feel God says. Satan attacks with a 3 prong, 4 prong attack:

1.Making you feel like you need something 'else' in life.
2.Using someone close to you like your wife mown and grown and basically neglecting you.
3. Putting temptations and fantasies into your mind...need I go on?

God says: A sure sign of you NOT being in the Spirit but in the flesh is hurriedness, never being quiet, too many things on a on going basis to do at the same time, ( you are doing things in the flesh) When you do what you are not supposed to do, you over reach, expose yourself, even thou physically you cope, you spirit suffers, get weak, when your spirit get weak you are a sitting duck for some nasty attacks from the enemy.

And this is what has been happening to me in the last few weeks..

Last night sit on my bed meditate on the word, read Proverbs - I love provebs - be wise, fear God. Sin seed when it has grown death death death death.

Focus last night on the pain in my chest I have been carrying - in the spirit see a vision of a black snake sailing away, releave!!! The also see a small green spicky demon - almost camouflaged. Lair !! get out !! leave me alone !!

Thank you Jesus, feel much better without these demons.


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