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Family History in unfaithfulness

Let me give you a bit of our family history. This will make you understand the consequence of sin and the long term effects it can have on people. I am sure in your own family you have similar examples. In 1900 South Africa was heavily involved in a bloody war against the then British empire. In 1910 South Africa was no longer a colony but got Union status.
In 1944 when Second World War started, South Africa as one of the main allies and was grafted to fight the Germans against the British.
Many South Africans was very against this as just 30 years earlier the British had killed a whole generation of South Africans an basically burned the country down to the ground.
My grandfather was not so much opposed to this but sympathised with anti-British supporters. So, my grandfather hid a man in their house who the government was looking for who might have done some things. They had to hide this man on their farm in their house as even the farm workers couldn't know that he was there as they might have given him away for a reward.
So, naturally my grandmother spend also time alone with this man in their house. My grandmother became pregnant with their 3rd child, eventually she had 6 children. All her children had very dark hair and brown skinned people with brown eyes. But this girl had blond hair, blue eyes and very fair skin with different facial features.
My granddad from the beginning - even when the other man said it was his child - defended her, saying she was his daughter. (This in the days before DNA testing).
Obviously he knew what had happened, but he chose to love her like all his other children and even on his deathbed 60 years later, he still maintained that she was his daughter.
But the long term effect it had on that child was tremendous. From young she always dyed her hair black. She never felt accepted, she always felt 'different' she came to feel rejected by my grandmother although my grandmother and grandfather gave her more love, more things, more attentions than any other the other children.
For 50 years she never knew that she was illegitimate, no one ever talked to anyone about it. None of the children new until my grandfather was on his deathbed and her 'real' biological father who was also sick and dying felt the need to come forward and make 'peace'.
Her children felt - looked different, acted different from all the other nephews and nieces, one act years of heart ache and hurt.

Do you think that this history, where the curse lingers for atleast 4 generations will affect me or my family?


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