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Demons and Angels in the same room

Have you ever wondered how can demons and angels can be together in the same room?

I believe that each person has a angel, especially children and christians.

The bible says:
Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?
Hebrews 1:14

It is difficult to explain but many times in my spirit I can 'see' demons at work in and round people. Harrasing them, attacking their moods, emotions, thoughts. And the bible says that our 'fight is not against flesh and blood but demons' Ephesians 6:12

Often mind binding spirits will vomit negativity and negative speaking over people. Other times depression, despondency and despair will be there too.

Now, you might ask, since all these people have angels, what is happening? Why does the angels not intervene?

The answer is solely in you => YOUR WILL.

Demons are like hungry dogs that are hugely opportunist. They will use every situation and push every opportunity. They will influence your will and try everything in their power for you to agree with them. Angels can't do anything for you because they will NOT work against your WILL.

EXAMPLE: Something bad happens in your life:  
You have a fight with your friend 
Your wife or husband don't show respect.
You have stress and pressure at work.
Your debts are running away with you.

These things It is on your mind all the time, eating away at you. You focus on it it and it affects you.

Now you have a 'reason' to be negative, despondent, despairing.

Essentially what you are doing is you are: 

Agreeing with those demons.

The way NOT to agree with demons is to actively say:
I am not depressed (even though I feel like it), in Jesus name - the bible says I am joyful (even though I don't feel like it)
(1 Thessalonians: 5:18 Give thanks in ALL THINGS )
(Phillipians 4:4 REJOICE in the LORD ALWAYS)

The opposite of agreeing with demons are to PRAISE GOD

In Jesus name I bind and break all depression, despondency and despair.

Quote the WORD - release the word like: Psalm 1 - BLESSED is the man, who fear the LORD...he will be like a tree planted by living waters, who will bear its fruit in it's season, it's leaves will not wither..and whatever he does will prosper.

NOW, your angels have the authority to fight with you and for you!!! Now those demon dogs days are numbered!!

Always keep your thoughts, will and emotions in line with the WORD OF GOD. Believe GOD is FOR you and not against you. The battle is yours. Win it in Jesus name !



angels demons warfare gabriel authority free-will

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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