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Basic principles on deliverance

‘Do I need deliverance?’

 A lot of people say things like – do not look for a demon behind EVERY bush. Experience has taught us that there is a bush full of demons in and behind every bush. Just because we can’t physically touch, feel, see or maybe have never experienced the spiritual world does not mean it does not exist. I don’t think there is a person in this world that DOES NOT need deliverance.

Many people try make distinctions between do you have a demon ON your or IN you, who cares about that - just get rid of it!! Who wants to go through life with shackles, weights and burdens on you that deceives you and tricks you to fall and make you live a sh*tty life?

It is simple read the FRUIT of the SPIRIT (Gal 5) think of the opposite - if you have any emotions, actions and feelings that are not the FRUIT of God’s Spirit - you need deliverance and discipleship.

To spell it out: If you often get very ‘angry’, if you beat your wife, if you are violent, if you constantly have financial lack, if you get bad/weird dreams, if you are hung up by the supernatural (TV, Games etc).. YOU NEED DELIVERANCE

(here is a list - http://www.propheticvoice.co.uk/warfare/demon-groupings-from-book-pigs-in-the-parlor-frank-and-ida-hammond)

Where do you live?

OK, let’s back up a bit. Let’s go back to basics for those who are not Christians. If you read the BIBLE you will see it talks basically about God (good) and Satan and his demons (evil).

Satan and his demons: represents darkness, the city of Babylon. Sin, evil, murder, hatred, lack, and ultimately hell for eternity, burning in hell, all around bad, bad, bad!

God wants to heal you, bless you financially, purify you. Teach you to walk in relationship and righteousness and ultimately get you to a beautiful eternal heaven when you leave this planet in a few years. GOD represents the heavenly city of Jerusalem (not the one on earth) and light.

( John 10:10 )

The question is then do you life with God in Jerusalem or with Satan in Babylon? (symbolically speaking) 

If you can’t say with certainty that you are walking in relationship (not religion) with Jesus. You are by default living in Babylon with Satan - and probably does not even know it  - as he will hide it from you.


Reading the bible (start with the new testament)

Becoming a disciple of Jesus (follow and do His Words)

Making the right enemies

It is only Jesus that can deliver us permanently, NOT your catholic priest, father, your charismatic pastor or minister. 

Permanent deliverance work best WITH Jesus helping us. 

Let’s say you live in homosexuality - and you have decided to follow and obey Jesus, you have asked Him into your heart and asked Him to be the Lord and King of

You have asked Him to TAKE CONTROL.

Yet, you can’t shake that thoughts and (what the bible calls) vain imaginations...those desires, those unprotected moments when your lust and desire just automatically flows without you being able to stop it.

It does not matter. LIVE by FAITH ( ignore those feelings and desires ) Say out loud: I RENOUNCE HOMOSEXUALITY and every kind of sexual immoral demon, vain imagination, lie, false life etc.

Even if you fall (by God’s grace you won’t) God loved David - for one thing David was always quick to repent and ask God forgiveness and as God to cleanse you.

So chose to LIVE with God by FAITH in heavily JERUSALEM !!! 

Trusting in the lingering Hand

It is nice if you are in a deliverance service, or go to a person who helps you with deliverance. Deliverance is one of the prophetic gifts of the bible. It is truly effective if can listen very clearly what God via His Holy Spirit tell us. Jesus was excellent in deliverance because He could hear exactly what His Father told Him to do.

I have met people - with homosexuality example - which has gone for deliverance, and then come back and after a week say - ‘it did not work’. Don’t think that if you get deliverance it will be a quick fix. No,no if might help you very much but it will not stop Satan and his demons attacking you. In actual fact if you have been delivered from demonic oppression and possessions - the demons will actively try and come back to their now ‘clean’ house (Matt 12:44 ).

So you have to STAND in FAITH. So it is not just about resisting Satan when he works in you, but also when he attacks you externally. 

(it might be felt in your feelings, sickness, via people often loved ones, circumstances etc )

BUT GOD has a lingering hand, He walks with us and helps us. All we HAVE to do is stay CLOSE to HIM, snuggle up with Him, take as much time as you can get together to read His word, try getting alone and pray and wait on Him, listen to good praise and worship music, if you have believing friends social with them avoid the old sinner friends for a while. 

In time it will get easier. God loves you.

You can do it you can do it you can do it!

Now, back to actual deliverance. If you are alone or if someone is helping you. Speak to the demons - if you have felt depressed and sick in your life - talk straight to the demons of depression and sickness and say: IN THE NAME OF JESUS’ Sickness depression, I break every contract you think you have on my life, I resist you in Jesus name. I command you to leave my body and mind, I take the authority Jesus has give me, to tell you - I reject you today and forever. I cut you off from all my bloodlines from Adam to me. I renounce you. I will cast you and your feelings away every time you tempt me. 

Don’t be in a hurry, you don’t have to scream, just take your time and keep on focus on the evil spirit in you - tell it to leave. Keep on doing it until you find release or you know in your spirit - God will show you - that it has shifted.

If it is something you have struggled with for a long time, every day for the next 30 days renounce it. Make a effort to not accept it back. Stand in faith even if you think it did not work (they will try and lie to you) just STAND and tell it to never come back. Jesus has given you authority over them. TAKE IT- they will not easily let it go - they are like a bulldog with a tennis ball - they often don’t let go easily.

REMEMBER: 1 John 4:4


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