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The Principalities and Powers

According to a unnamed christian book, which the authors asked us not to distribute or promote. In their book they mention the following demon groupings for principalities and powers. It might be true or not, it is not spesifically mentioned in the bible.

Unlike God that can be anywhere, Satan can not,  so he send representatives from the 2nd heaven (realms) to do his dirty work. Below is a list of some of those spirits (not comprehensive), Jesus said they are the strong men that needs to be bind, so we can take the kingdom by force. As the bible does say our fight are not against flesh and blood but ....

I do believe that we have to be careful that we don't fight spirits in the flesh but in the spirit, they way to do it is to #1 abide in Jesus.


  • Primary work to get people to not serve God but idolatry (money,sex, sports) and for you to go to hell.
  • The 'angel of light'
  • Promotes false religions Ashtaroth and Baal
  • Wants to keep you from thinking about God and the kingdom
  • Keep you from reading the word and prayer
  • 'Father of lies', deceiver, lying spirit
  • creates fear
  • Attacks your commitment, listen to your word use them..
  • Attacks the church in its unity and commitment and vision
  • Destroys the churches finances with mammon
  • Sends out bickering and '˜twisters and turners' and gossop tongues
  • Want to make christians dry and prayerless
  • Spirit of disunity, causes argument over nothing, jealousy, pride, arrogance.
  • Rules over muses, arts, drama, music, etc.
  • Storm god, two sexual forces in a struggle, ID, super-ego in Psycology
  • Sun, phoenix


  • Purpose is to pollute, to make men unholy to stand before God. 
  • Christian powerless cut off from God 
  • Keep from repenting if falls into sin perpeptual unrepentance 
  • Filty thoughts, bad habits, adultery, fornication, incest, homosexuality, bestiallity and pronography 
  • Alcolism, (bacchus) drugs and sex - Asmodee 
  • Rock music, night clubs
  • Make christians dissatisfied with possesions, job, spouse etc.
  • Cycle of spending on junk work harder, not time, money for God  mammon
  • Break up families
  • Pull into occult, absent mindedness
  • Murder spirits, molech, marduk, nimrod, thor, odin, grendle, athena, mars, walhallah, morrigen, icegiants all war spirits



  • Responsible for occults and magical arts
  • Opens up future for fortune tellers
  • Wants christians to practice yoga with religion Paimon, Ariton, Marine and Leviathan


Ecclesiastical,political and government systems.

Antichrist, mammon, Gog and Magog



Ashtaroth, astarte

(Queen of Heaven)







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By: Gabriel Kolbe

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