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Deliverance and spiritual warfare

It’s not a quick fix gospel

Jesus said in Isaiah 61 that His calling is to set us free, heal us and bring us life.

The Devil lies by saying 'I don’t exist'. He operates in darkness, lies, deceit and bending of the truth.

Jesus said He came to bring life and life in abundance - John 10:10

Where ever Jesus went He brought the kingdom of God, where the kingdom of God is there is no,sickness, sin or death.

The purpose of spiritual warfare and deliverance is to make Isaiah 61 as co-workers with Christ a reality on earth. In our lives and the lives of Christians and non-Christians alike.

Jesus said a kingdom divided against itself can not stand, Satan’s kingdom is united, organized in purpose and under strict leadership.

Ephesians 6:12 says that our fight is not against the flesh and blood but against the rulers, authoritues, powers, spiritual forces in heavenly (earth atmosphere) places.

How does Satan operate this evil empire of him ?

 Firstly he rules countries, regions and areas with spirit beings. Biblical examples are:

  • Demon possessed from gahara
  • Prince of Persia in Daniel

 Secondly he rules situations

 Thirdly he rules people via mind strongholds

He creates strongholds in people's minds – footholds according to Ephesians 6:27. Strong holds are spiritual bindings and oppressions, wrong thought patterns, behaviours and habits.

He can also directly attack the mind through witchcraft via other people who tries to control, manipulate and influence you to knowingly or unknowingly steer you away from what God has for you.


 A tree has branches, and roots we have to get rid of the fruit and the roots, if Satan can start influencing you in the root level and the generations of children, and their children after them for generations to come -HE WILL

Make enemies with the enemies of God, hate the devil and his works

 Separation from the world, God’s command…

 Books of Nehemiah and Ezra, is about seperation – building a wall, getting rid of foreign wifes and foreign children. Foreign wifes and foreign children symbolises things which are dear to you, but is a stumbling block for you and will drag you down if you don't surverely deal with it. You need to be dedicated to God completely.

Satan’s ultimate aim is not just to enslave the individual but to ‘invest’ the whole familie tree, for generations. An example is David’s story of sexual sin… David sinned with Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11:14), 

Bathsheba’s son dies, Amnon rapes Tamar, Absalom avenges Tamar and tries to kill David and take over his kingdom.

As christians we have to realise that our calling is more important than out lifes.

Paul stays he stays alive only to fullfill his calling…

 Satan has a ‘attack priority list’

From least to most

Non-christians far from God - they are no threat.
Non-christians coming closer -  Satan just need to keep them in the dark.
Christians non-active (neutralized)
Christians active
Christians in ministry
Christians in the deliverance ministry

Neutralization means your spiritual authority has been undermind. You are being rendered inactive and not a direct tread.

Jesus said ‘count the cost’ before you start building a house.

 Most people want a easy life as priority, the more you become active and powerful in the Lord the less are your chance at obtaining this.

Those who serve the Lord will be prosecuted.

In spiritual warfare we learn from the bible, and from experience. We also learn from others' experience and the Holy Spirit.

Some people fear Satan, this in itself is a bondage, and often people who come for deliverance will become fearful of it, or of the ‘counselour’ and see different faces evil faces on the ‘counselour’ or something that might make him/her not want to go through the deliverance process. We as christians should not fear the devil, as the bible says ‘don’t fear him who can only destroy the body, fear Him who can destroy body and soul’.We should hate the devil and all his works, we should hate the enemies of God, in the old testament people symbolizes this, in the new Jesus reconcile all men through His blood, therefore the battle is only spiritual. As David says in Psalms ‘God destroy my enemies, dash their head on the rocks, grain them to dust’

Deliverance is part of the prophetic ministry, a prophet should be holy and set apart.

The armor of God should be applied daily. Pray daily for the gifts of the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit, get rid of all ‘contact’ points, also sometime before you minister to people. Use the oil not sparingly anoint each other as frequent as possible.

When conducting a deliverance session, it is not necessarily to shout, the devil is not death, do as the Holy Spirit leads you, this is the most important. Sometimes, a softly spoken word, in love, looking the person in the eye, and showing that love of Christ, is the most powerful weapon in deliverance. Praise and worship is not a weapon but it does destroy God’s enemies, and releases the power of God.

When conducting deliverance, as a rule I see to it that the person’s arms are not crossed, or legs, or fingers, this apparently let the spirits something to hold on to. Some spirits are intelegent, some not, some capable of moving through things, some not, some are water spirits, some land and are stationary.

The deliverance should be conducted on the discernment of the Holy Spirit, but it is helpful to know that mostly manifestations happen through coffing, burping, farting ect, the spirit moves out on ‘air’. Sometimes, and this happens often, the manifestation happen on the counselour or on some of the people present. The pig manifested for the man who was possessed by legion is an example of this. Many times you can ‘feel’ where the spirit is on the person’s body, by getting a sensation on you own. Gently put you hand there and tell it to let lose and to come out. In the ‘The Vision’ ( a book ) the devil's ridding on christians or vomiting on christians.

Leave your shame and pride at home. Do what the Spirit of God leads you to be free!

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By: Gabriel Kolbe

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