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Bloodline curses

So many people have told me that they don’t believe in blood line curses. With bloodline curses - I mean curses in a family that move are being passed on from generation to generation. Yet out of experience I have come to this conclusion: They do exist, not just because I – in the deliverance ministry – come into daily contact with these type of bondages, but there is enough evidence in the word of God to support this spiritual phenomena.

What blood line curses are not

Bloodline curses are not ‘bad habits’ children have picked up from their parents. Bloodline curses are ‘legal contracts’ on a person’s life reinforced by powerful demonic spirits that don’t have any intention to give up their position.

Bloodline curses are sometimes the only explanation there is for some individual’s problems and for cultural and societal problems in some nations today. Many people in a nation can be hold bondage with similar spirits this can cause a ‘national epidemic’ that create bondage as well as the blindness that stops individuals from actually seeing the objectivity of the situation. In this decision we are not going to discuss this national spiritual influence – this fall under another topic we will call. National Strongmen. There are excellent books written about this topic.* See the list of books available.

The best way to describe this is if you think of tree with branches that branch into smaller and smaller branches. The bible says that these bloodline curses will go for at least four generations. So Satan uses this to not just destroy individuals but to destroy generations. It is a brilliant plan – to keep his hold on individual that have even not been born yet! Luckily the Lord says that He blesses the generation of the righteous up in the thousands of generation. Wow that great news, your children’s children will be blessed if YOU serve the Lord.

So now you’re a new Christian, or a person that have walked a long and winding road with the Lord. Maybe you’re blessed in most areas of your life but there is this one area. It can be a million different things – money, poverty, relationships, the inability to bring conclusion to anything, a tendency to fall into homosexuality, or other sexual immorality, maybe your draw no any type of occultism, every time you see something on television about ‘ghosts, UFO’s, spirits etc., you just ‘have’ to look at it.

Often the bloodline curse acts as the ‘door opener’ to the temptation that calls out your name day and night. Let me tell you this story out of my own life.

When I was a younger one day I was watching a black-and-white movie on television, it was a dracula movie. I am not a scarred person and never was, actually I had a reputation for being reckless and a little bit wild. After watching the movie I developed a phobia – a strange phobia – at night I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t cover up my neck. Even in the hottest of summers, in Africa. I would almost sleep naked but had to have something on my neck, even a small thing like a sock would do.In previous generations in my family there have been people (as revealed by prophetic revelation) who might have drunk blood, (for whatever reasons). This bloodline curse on me was stagnate and when I watched the dracula move it opened up the door and I received a demon on my life which manifested as a fear phobia.

One day I was having a quiet time with God – and God brought it to my attention. Releasing what was going on. I said: ‘dracula spirit, spirit of fear in the name of Jesus, leave me!!’ I physically felt like a weight leave my shoulders which I did not previously noticed was there.

This is what you do

If you think you have bloodline curses on you or your family, if you are a Christian. God has given you in Christ everything you need to get rid of it. You don’t need a special person, or pastor or someone in deliverance to pray for you. YOU take God by His Word. And say : IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I come against this bloodline curse on me on my family and me. I cut of every bloodline curse on my family from the last 10 generations. I repent on behalf of my family for every act of sin, disobedience, unbelief and godlessness. I rip up IN THE NAME of JESUS every contract legal or not that Satan or any demonic spirit thinks he has on me or my family. IN THE NAME OF JESUS I drive every demon out of me and my family and send it to hell. I renounce it and stand on the WORD of GOD which says

1 John 3:8
For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

Satan will try and test your faith – and try and come back to see if you or your family will still fall for his old tricks – Stand in faith. Pray deliverance for a few weeks. Just to make sure he gets the message, and your freedom by your faith in Christ is secured!

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By: Gabriel Kolbe

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