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3 Tricks Satan will try on you

The bible says that the devil, Satan, is our enemy and that he is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8)

roaring lion

In John 10:10 Jesus says that the devil come to kill, steal and destroy but He (Jesus) came so that we could have live, and live in abundance. (more than enough to share)

Jesus knew that Satan uses 'tricks'  to try and destroy us and keep us from God. Here are some of Satan's basic tricks.

trick no 1Satan's trick number one

To keep God's children from praying

Firstly the impression is made into the mind of the believer, by Satan, that God doesn't really 'care' enough or that He does't answer or that He always answer 'other' people's prayer but never 'mine' - God works in 'mysterious ways' (what a lie!)

Secondly the believer will find himself always 'too tired' or 'too busy', and that there is always 'something' that need attention 'now' and can't wait for later and it always takes up the time for prayer.

trick no 2Satan's trick number two

To keep God's children from reading the word of God

In the Middle Ages it was prohibited to read the bible. Millions where killed for owning a bible. Today Satan still finds a way to keep God's children from reading the word.

Firstly the devil will put a thought into the mind of a believer that the bible is a boring religious book and that it is difficult to read.

Secondly, when a believer try to read the bible, a spirit of slumber often lets a person become drowsy and keeps the person from reading the word.

Thirdly, Satan will provide a person trying to read the bible with enough 'exiting entertainment' - form television to a busy social life to other more 'exiting Christian books' so that that person will not come onto a deep study of the word of God.

trick no 3Satan's trick number three

Isolation God's children from each other

In the bible it was Joseph's own brothers that threw him into the pit not his some foreign enemy.

This is also one of the greatest tests that God sent each Christian through.

Are you a christian because it is nice? Do you really love God even if other christian mistreat you or treat you badly?

Are your faith based on other Christians relationship to you, or is it based on your relationship with God Himself?

If other Christians mistreat you, you must forgive them. Never stay isolated from the family of believers. Find some real brothers and sisters that can love you and build you up, people that believe in the word of God as God's absolute truth, people that will encourage you to walk with God

God in His faithfulness has already provided the solution

answer no 1Solution to prayerlessness

Pray that God will deliver you from all rejection, so that you can accept God's love. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Believe Him and His word, He loves you. Also when you pray, pray out load, and keep a prayer list, to encourage yourself in God's faithfulness when your prayers get answered. Set specific time apart to pray with alone and with friends. Read some books on intercession and prayer.

answer no 2Solution to lack of reading of God's word

Also read God's word aloud when you are alone. The word is like seeds that you sow into your life -realise the importance of it. Get commentaries and other bible study helps to help you work systematic through the word. Join a bible study class or group. Apply self-discipline in reading the word and bind the spirit of slumber (in the name of Jesus) that makes you drowsy. 

answer no 3Solution to isolation of God's children by Satan

Give forgiveness (as God has forgiven you). Speak (always) in forgiveness. Do restitution. Ask God forgiveness for your involvement and bitterness.

(see the teaching on forgiveness) Ask God to put you in a family of believer that will really love and care for you. Get direction from God as to where you should fellowship. Bind the spirits of quarrel and division in the name of the POWERFUL name of JESUS.

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By: Gabriel Kolbe

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