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5 Attacks Satan will try on you

Stop you from getting saved

1. First he wants you to not get 'born again', he knows that God honors His word. In God's word it says that people who are not born again - when they die - they will go to hell for eternity.So, Satan can get God WORD to act against you, if you don't submit to God WORD and do what He tell you to.

Removing your anointing

2. On you own you can not live the Christian life God has for you. That is why God has send us His Holy Spirit, His Spirit anoints and enables us to live the life's He has for us. Once you are born again, Satan wants to limit the damage you might cause in his kingdom. He does this by trying all he can to remove your anointing. 
Start living closer to God ? He uses someone close to you to cause you strive and grief - it take your eyes of God and there goes your power !
If this does not work he'll attack your finances, you take your eyes of God and there you go, even more poorer !!

His tricks are limitless.

Sins of the fathers

3. What he wants for you next - or the next trick he will try is, to let you sin the sins of your fore fathers. If your father had an anger problem, you will accept it quicker in you than if you come with some wild and random sin.
Also ancestor demons and bloodline curses might help him in this regard. Sins of the fore fathers might include cultural sins like racism or poverty or idol worship.

Any random sin or dilution

4. If he can't get you to 'sin' the sins of you fore fathers' he will try to just get you into sin in general and also use the 'world' like TV etc to delude your spiritual life. Often he will tempt you in the same areas and weaknesses and places you sinned in before. If this does not work he will try to get you involved into hyper religion.

Hyper religion

5. In hyper religion Satan tried to first put the brake on you, when he can't get you to hit the brake he will hit the accelerator. This will put other non believers off and also other believers. Overboard on everything, no more will Christianity be a relationship between you and your Lover, but a set of do's an don't and you'll feel guilty if you don't or don't do enough.

A good resource is Andrew Wommack's book called the Believers Authority - you can see the teaching on youtube -



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By: Gabriel Kolbe

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