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Sarah Binayamo Boyanga Heaven Hell Testimony Amy Winehouse Michael Jackson in Hell

Sarah Binayamo Boyanga - a young girl, tell a very interesting and convincing story about how Jesus took her to heaven and hell and showed her. Really worth listening and very uplifiting!

hell heaven celebrities-in-hell testimonies

By: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_DAC25I-AI

13, Jan, 2015   Gabriel says:
This is such a cool testimony, it is worth taking the time - an hour - and really listen to it. Praise God for His Mercy !

14, Mar, 2015   laure says:
im interested Jesus is Lord...

21, Apr, 2015   tenday says:
Ts a true ... testimony take a second t watch

05, May, 2015   Gabriel says:
Zimasa, we will transpose it to text for you, watch this space !

05, May, 2015   Zimasa Gobingca says:
I can't find this testimony plz where must i go to read it.

03, Jul, 2015   Jane says:
thank you for this testimony, she was genuinely speaking from memory, and cared enough to share it, bless you all for this site, and thank you.

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