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The Lubbe family's testimony - translated

Many children that experience a near death experience have seen angels. It is astonishing how many of these children’s experiences are the same. This story will make you excited all over again about heaven.

The evening of the 3rd of April 2007, Gerhard, Madeleine Lubbe and their sons Graeme(10) and Jacques (8) was on their way back home from a holiday in Hartenbos. That evening everything would be changed for them for ever.

“About 14 kilometres outside of Winburg the accident happened” Madeleine start telling. “ a truck lost his wheel and it hit our car which was behind the truck, the wheel shot like a missile straight from the front, straight through our car’s wind screen.

I will never forget the expression on Gerhard’s face when he through himself in front of the wheel’s path. It hit him full in the face and chest, with the result it partly decapitate him and crushed him.

The impact bend his seat to the left backwards so that he landed with his head on Jacques lap. Something also gave Jacques a cut on his brow. It was bleeding heavily, blood flew heavily over his face and through his eyes. Jacques screamed terribly and then suddenly he felt silent” Remembers Madeleine

After the accident everything was in a state of extreme confusion. The family was taken by ambulance to the Medi-Kliniek in Welkom.


This is what I saw Mum!

“About two weeks later after the accident Jacques asked me if everything really happened” tells Madeleine. “I confirmed it and then he told me what he experienced that night of the accident”.

Young Jacques tells himself: “The night of the accident, I already forgot my dad died. He landed with his head on my lap and what I saw was not nice. When I touched daddy’s head it felt soft. I cried out: “Jesus help me! Jesus help me!” Suddenly I saw a light in the field. The light came closer to the car and then became bigger and bigger. When the light was at the car I saw that it was daddy. He looked like he always looked, just like we always knew him, but without any hurt places. His skin was different, see through like light. He wore other clothes, clothes that we don’t get here. It was the most beautiful colours and clothes which I have ever seen. His eyes was green like we always knew him, it was just very shinny.

“Daddy was happy that we were ‘OK’. He came and sat next to me and said that I must not worry. He is in heaven. Daddy then went and stood in front of Mummy, he also told her not to worry, her arm will heal.

(Madeleine’s arm had a very nasty break; the bone broke through the skin)

Mummy told him he must not leave, he must stay with us. But he said his time on earth is now finished, he can’t stay any longer. Mummy touched daddy’s legs but he said that it is not his body any more."

Out of shock Madeleine forgot initially what happened, but when Jacques starting to talk about it, the memory of everything, (natural and supernatural) came back to her.

Jacques continues: “There were many angels with daddy. They hold hands and stood around the car. The angels look different than I always thought they will look – they where tall and big and didn’t had any wings. Their clothes were shiny like gold and hang on the ground; also around their waists they had belts which also hang to the ground. Their eyes were blue and shined like light.

There was a leader angel; he was the tallest of them all. He first talked to daddy and told him ‘We protected you (plural).’ Then he turned to me and said’ You (plural) must not be scared; God will be looking after you (plural) now’. The angels stood the whole time with us – even when the people took us out of the bakkie (pickup), they stayed. They only left when the ambulance left with us. The last thing I remember, is daddy’s face which disappeared in the clouds. Where he and the angels stood, it looks like a fantasy land. It was really beautiful. It is the place where I really want to go one day. The angels were really beautiful, but daddy was the most beautiful of all. I will always remember his eyes – they where so shiny!”

Madeleine tells how Jacques eyes where so swollen because of his injuries. Also blood flew out of the wound out on his brow. But when he called out to Jesus in his desperation, God must have opened his spiritual eyes to let him see what he has seen.

Hope with a tear.

Graeme was not aware what his brother has seen; he didn’t have any injuries himself but was deeply shocked. The ambulance driver said the son (Graeme) had him in tears. Because he prayed earnestly the whole time for his dad.

Everything was extremely traumatic for the family. But they are thankful that they got so much peace after Jacques shared his experience with them.

“We praise the Lord every day. People can call it what they want, but I know that Jesus lives, God lives and He controls our lifes. Gerhard was blessed with so many talents – I don’t ask any more questions. I know he is at home! He lived his life on earth to the full. He served the Lord with so much enthusiasm.

We are all going to bow together there in heaven!” ends Madeleine.


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