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The Dream - the Rapture

This dream was dreamt in February 2010. I do not know the person personally, but it is a friend of a friend. It was originally written in Afrikaans, I have translated into English.


The dream begins with Melanie, Mirey and me on a houseboat. It is the type of boat where a person can have a whole holiday on.
Normally boats like this are very well equipped with all the luxuries for eating, sleeping and life in general. On a wide river which ebbs and fades into the distance, you get the feeling of a really nice holiday, the whole atmosphere is calm and peaceful and lazy. The sides of the river walls are partly covered in grass with many trees and willow trees hanging over the water edge.

View into the interior is obstructed, I couldn’t see any houses or buildings as far as the eye can see it was only beautiful nature.

We are on a wide river which flows slowly down stream, when I look down stream I can see another 15 – 20 similar boats every where on the river with families and individuals enjoying their holiday while the chat and relax. There are even people jumping in the river for a swim from their boats not far off. As far as I remember there are not boats behind us, we are the last one on the river.

It is early afternoon, nice and warm with a cloudy sky and blue patches sticking out of the brilliant white clouds. The clouds are the type of clouds that can later gather together for an afternoon rain. The bottom of the clouds forms a ceiling.

The whole time I am conscious of Melanie and Mirey although I am not talking to either of them.

While I am standing on the back of the boat; something in the clouds caught my eye, a fraction of a second, just enough for me to look at the clouds in the distance.

I have a look but don’t see anything but a few seconds later something caught my eye again, this time much closer to us. I ask Melanie if she also saw it. She says ‘no’ but came and stand next to me to have a look.

Then I see it again, this time we definitely saw something but Melanie and me can’t make out what it is. The frequency of the strange phenomena increases in several places in the clouds. People on other boats stand and point at the clouds as well. I feel a bit uneasy and a bit fearful about the strange phenomena. It looks like if something is breaking through a cloud then turning around sweep back up into the cloud. As it break through the cloud and turn around I can see the turbulence it is creating, but I can’t see what it is doing.

Now it is happening in hundreds of places all around us. Over the other boats, over the river and also in the clouds which is over the interior. Everyone is now very conscious of what is happing, there is much excitement but I can feel the growing panic. Everyone is trying to make sense of what they are witnessing but no one knows what is causing it.

The frequency is still increasing and more and more appear in full view, The longer it continues the lower the phenomena seems to appear before they sweep back up into the clouds.

Melanie and me are standing close to each other and try to see right above us what is going on. We see beings – like see through glass but with proper form – diving out of the clouds.  The best way I can describe it, it is like the flight of swallows, quick, smooth and accurate.

Then I recognise the beings – it’s ANGELS! I make out the form of their wings, and their flowing clothes. My heart is beating in my throat and by now I am properly scared.

The peace from earlier are now replaced with something between fear, horror, adrenaline and panic. People on boats frantically move around, scream and point into the air and grab at their loved ones. As the picture unfolds before me somewhere in the distance someone shouts:  - It is the rapture!! At once everyone knew what was happening.

Joy and fear and finality take my breath away, at that moment it was like the angels received an order they all became visible. While I am standing on the boat I can see hundreds and hundreds of angels moving at lightning speed out of the clouds and diving down pick up saved ones and then vanish back into the clouds. I see how the clouds roll through the turbulence and activities.

I see how people stand on a boat and a second later they have been swept up by an angel – it shoot through my brain as I see it happens right in front of me. It struck me the WORD is TRUE.

I stand on the boat and as far as my eyes can see, I see white stripes breaking through the clouds, thousands where there are cities. It is so intense that I feel like crying. The out of distance like thunder I hear the drowning of a ramshorn (trumpet) – it sounds like a mist horn from a big ship). First soft then loader and loader the closer it gets. Eventually it is over powering load and powerful. The sound is so powerful that everyone falls down.

I look up and see how enormous clouds roll in, the huge clouds has lighting in them. I know this is what the bible said is going to happen and that the whole earth will see the coming of Jesus.

He is on the clouds and he is on his way. My emotions are in confusion. I am in ecstasy – because I see the fulfilment of the WORD, it happens in my time. But at the same time I am sad that it is the end of what we know, scared because only now do I realise the size of God. My head can process it all.

I want to hold my wife and daughter close to me, but as I look around I don’t see them. I look for them but they are no longer on the boat. I shout out to them, I look inside and outside the boat. Then it hit me. While everything was going on around me they where taken. I fall on my face down on the boat.

Suddenly a fear gets hold of me. I start to cry unceasingly. Where are they? Are they swept away as well? Am I not saved? I am not chosen? Is it possible? Is it too late? Kan I still plead with Jesus? The questions run through my mind.

I see other with their hands to the sky, pleading, praying, other which are not saved. Some has no clue what is happing, yet others cry and scream because they know it is too late. It is final. There is nothing else any one can do. My own fear and helplessness grabs hold of me, it is unexplainable. I know Jesus is coming for His people and that He is taking them from earth and that we are now on our own.

My pain is so big; I am so desperate and scared. It is only minutes since the rapture started.

Then it happens with me, just as I was totally sure it was not going to happen with me, I feel as I am being swept away.

I wake up.

I have never in my life experience such a vivid dream and I remember every detail. I still get goose bumps every time I talk about it


Fanie (Dreamt in February 2010)


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