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Locust T-Shirt Design

I designed this theme a few years ago to fit on a black t-shirt. I had a single one printed and it looks good and is an excellent talking point to christians and non-christians alike. I am NOT a fan of most christian t-shirts, once with 'Jesus Christ' in a cocacola font or Mac Donalds spin off. As I think it lack proper creativity and is not nicely WORD based.

locust t-shirtThe Locust T-Shirt is from Joel 2:25, It takes the 4 Hebrew words in the scripture and add up the numerical values. This is supposed to correspond with the 4 periods of and years the Israelites was in excile or under foreign rule. The T-shirt breaks it down. Now this is what I call a T-shirt with MEAT !!

You can download the images and get it reprint for yourself. You can contact me if you would like to use the full quality images which is much bigger than the ones here

locust t-shirt


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