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Jewish Festivals Jesus celebrated

Eight holidays Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated:

Rosh HaShanah:

(bible name: Yom Teruah, Feast of Trumpets)
Sunset of September 28 through nightfall of September 30 2011
The Feast of Trumpets, teaches about Messiah's return

Yom Kippur:
(Day of Atonement)
Sunset of October 7 through nightfall of October 8 2011
The Day of Atonement, teaches about reconciliation between God and humanity

(Feast of Tabernacles)
Sunset of October 12 through nightfall of October 19 2011
The Feast of Tabernacles, teaches about God's dwelling with people

(Dec 20 - 28 2011)
(Feast of Lights, Chanukah, Feast of Dedication)
The Feast of Dedication, teaches about commitment to God

Nightfall of March 19 through nightfall of March 20 2011
The Feast of Esther, teaches about trusting God when we can't see him

Sunset of April 18 through nightfall of April 26 2011
The Feast of Unleavened Bread, teaches about God's deliverance

Yom HaBikkurim:
(Re'shiyt, Feast of Firstfruits)
Sunset of April 23 through nightfall of April 24 2011
The Feast of Firstfruits, teaches about the resurrection of the dead

(Feast of Weeks, Rabbinic P'rushim)
Sunset of June 7 through nightfall of June 9 2011
The Feast of Weeks/Pentecost, teaches about the "birthday of the Body"


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