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Hannakuh: 8 Nights of Activities for Messianic Jews and Christians

Messianic/ Christian Hanakkuh Devotions for each night

1. Time night- First night

1.Light the first candle using the middle/shamash candle. Let them burn out each night and replace with a new one. Each candle represents each night that God miraculously provided the oil for the Lamp in the Temple after it was rededicated to God.

2. Discuss why we have celebrations, marking time, until Christ' comes, Remember what God has done in our lives.

3. Research each Jewish Feast or Christian celebrations and what was the purpose. ( 7 Jewish Feasts, Purim, Chanakkuh, Easter, Christmas, Passover(Last Supper)

4. Give calendars to remember the importance of Time. After all God created Time in Genesis 1.

2. Music night- Light 2 candles using the middle/shamash candle

Sing songs to celebrate both Hannakuh and Jesus.

Read the book of Maccabbees (found online) about the victory of the Maccabbee family (Jews) over their enemy that took the Jewish temple and desecrated it, and the rededication of the Temple.

Talk about our Jewish roots as we are heirs of Abraham and are heirs of his inheritance and the inheritance of Christ's through Faith in Jesus the Messiah. Galatians Chapter 3:29

Give CD's or I Tunes cards as gifts.

3. Story night- Light 3 candles using the middle/shamash candle

1. Read Chanakuh story books ; can be found at the local library activities.

2. Talk about family traditions and why they are important, and your favorite ones,

3. Talk about how the Bible is THE BOOK and we are given instructions in living this life, and participating in activities or "works" pre-ordained for us to do by God.

4. Give books as gifts

4. Game night- Light 4 Candles using the middle/shamash candle

1. Play the Dreidel game and learn the history of the Dreidel as used to teach Jewish Children when it was illegal to do so.

2. Discuss what Christians could do if Christianity became 'banned" in America, to teach children the tenants of Faith.

3. Read The Real 12 days of Christmas, this is what legend says Christians did years ago in Europe while under persecution.

4. Give a game to the family to play or small card games to each child.

5. Movie night- Light 5 Candles using the middle/shamash candle

Celebrate the gift of Victory over the enemy that God gave the Maccabbee family; Relate that to how Jesus triumphed over the enemy, satan, so we have victory. He was our gift from the Father of Lights and came as a baby. When God's people needed deliverance or a prophetic word he sent a baby; Moses, Samson, Samuel, John the Baptist and Jesus.

Watch the Moses movie "The Ten Commandments".

Give movies as a reminder that we can see victories in others lives and our own.

6. Party Night- invite friends to come, Light 6 candles using the middle/shamash candle

Read a short version of Chanakuh also called the Feast of Dedication and Festival of Lights

Read the gospel that shows Jesus celebrated this holiday John chapter 10:22

pin the shamash candle game from Oriental Trading Company-explain what the Shamash candle represents. The "Servant" Candle which lights the others.

Play Dreidel game

Play Hannakuh music

Eat dessert- Matzah covered in chocolate or Macaroons

Make Mennorah out of construction paper.

RELATE: celebrate the Rededication of the Temple;:Our temples are cleaned from sin, and dedicated to God and we are re-born when we become Christians, bought back, purchased for and fought for by Jesus over the devil : and we are crafted in to a beautiful vessel for God's use, and stickers. /

Give gifts/art supplies as a symbol of God's creative work in our lives.

7. Miracle night-Light 7 candles using the middle/shamash candle

1. Celebrate God's miracle of the one day supply of oil lasting 8 days, Hannakuh is called "The Festival of Lights" for this reason.

2. Relate that to how the Holy Spirit, is the oil in us that lasts forever, Jesus is the light inside us. The sweetest gift is Jesus.

3. Gift Certificates to places to eat $5

8. Gift night- Enjoy fellowship with extended family and give company gifts.

Light all 8 candles using the middle candle.

Eat a dinner together


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