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Exposing the lies of the ZeitGeist internet movie

This blog here is created to seek the truth, above all. I have watched the Zeitgeist movie, and while doing so took notes on what the author was saying. Just to put things in perspective, I don’t necessarily disagree with everything Zeitgeist is saying. Stuff like is forces in the American government responsible or partly responsible for the fall of the world trade towers; honestly I don’t know. It will probably be one of those big conspiracy theories that will never go away. The theory of powers (behind the curtain) working towards a ONE WORLD order, a one world government, with the aim to control us all. I totally believe it. I have been believing it for many years. Which brings me to the first category of Zeitgeist the ripping apart of all monotheism believes. This part I have a big problem. Firstly Zeitgeist, generalise a lot, (placing all monotheisms in one hat) Secondly, Zeitgeist has plainly some very important facts wrong!!. Then Zeitgeist also mix pure lies into with a bit of truth to get a breath taking effect ( I take my hat of for the move, for a ‘documentary’ it has been well made). Fourthly some of the so called facts are just plainly WRONG! Lastly Zeitgeist uses facts that ‘supports’ e.g the claim of Christianity for authenticity and turn it around as a proof that Christianity is fake ??!!

With no more avail here is my note on the ‘disproving’ of particular Christianity :
(Please note this is NOT conclusive, because Zeitgeist jumps so much from on ‘fact’  to another it takes time to properly research the ‘facts’ and get the information from the proper sources, and also see where Zeitgeist get their info from, on this point I want to say also that Zeitgeist is very selective on what they say. E.g. if they want to make a point that all elephants are actually pink, they will find a source that support this and then ONLY mention this ‘fact’ .
Please not my own comments are in italics and bold, excuse my spelling

Spirituality - means dealing with intuition?
theism - displeasing of principle
non-theist is, only important just ‘now’
now- ness, interacting with reality, to get reality
threaten by now, jump to past of future
everything experience is unconditional,
we experience them but does not pay heed to them

seek religion because can’t face ‘now’
images - evolutionary
growing of thumb
political images
Jordan Maxwell - voice
linking religious institution with government
and education and banks and finance
-the quoting Jesus ..truth will set you free
George Carlin
Religion - bullshit
God as ‘invisible man’, ten list, loves you, always needs money
Sun, 10 000 BC writings and cultures write about it
Stars - constellations
Cross of of zodiac
constellations personified star constellations
Sun. seen as god’s son
12 constellations places of travel for god’s sun
e.g. Aquarius, water bearer - spring rains
Horus, sun god of Egypt 3000 bc
Horus, sun, light, set - darkness battle
darkness vs. light, good vs. evil

Jesus was NOT born on the 25th of December but probably somewhere in February / March?
Yes, catholism (then not necessarily Christian)  arranged for the Christian days to coincide with heathen feast days which was already in existence in the non-Jewish/ Christian world. So neither Sundays, Christmas, Easter dates are Christian but heathen dates with Christian meanings. Which does not make the meanings untrue. (This is a well known fact) (also shows that God sometimes meets us half way)

horus, born 25th Dec, born of vigin, star in the east, adored by 3 kings

(source : Godfrey Higgins, work(1771-1834), (Godfrey as  Druid and Mason)
Gerald Massey (1828-1907) (Gerald was Druid, self taught Egyptology, none of his writings was taken seriously by other egyptologist)
and Alvin Boyd Kuhn (1880-1963). influenced by Godfrey and Gerald
Harpur, http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_jcpa5.htm)

That Jesus and Horus have many things in comment is absolutely NOT TRUE.

star in the east, 12 (solar messiah) prodigal child teacher,
baptised age 30 anap, 12 disciples, miracles, walking on water
healing the sick, Horus, known by names as good shepard, lamb of god
the truth, the light god’s anointed sick,
after betrayed by tyfon, crucified,
buried 3 days, resurrected

Will still get some research on the ones below:attis: nana, Phrygia, born of a virgin, 25 dec, crucified, dead for 3 days, resurrected Greece 1200 bc
Krishna born virgin, davaki, star in the east India 900 bc
miracles with disciples on death resurrected
India 900 bc


born of a virgin, dec 25, performed miracles, turn water into wine
refer to as king of kings Greece 500 bc
god’s only begotten son, alpha and omega

virgin, 25 dec, 12 disciples, miracles, dead for 3 days, resurrected, truth the life, day of worship was Sunda

Source (re arranged order in movie )
Adad of Assyria
Adonis, son the the virgin Io of Greece
Alcides of Thebes

Chrishna of hindostan
Budha sakia of india
Salivahana of Bermuda
Sulis, or Shule , also Osiris and Orus, of Egypt
Orus of Egypt
Odin of the Scandinavians
Crite of Chaldea
Soroaster of Mithra of Persia
Baal and Taut â€

zeitgeist-lies apologetics

By: Written by Gabriel Kolbe

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