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The Deaf Dumb Spirit

The Deaf & Dumb Spirit

Second Edition

by Todd Bentley

Lesson 4



There is a stronghold over North America and much of the Western Church that is called unbelief. There is a spirit that operates with that stronghold whose goal and function is to make you spiritually and physically deaf and dumb so that you cannot hear the voice of God and receive revelation. The way that this spirit accomplishes it's work is by becoming a stronghold of the mind, better known as a mindset. It will make you dumb so that you cannot understand the truth of God's word, or what the Spirit is saying. This spirit is connected to learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADD), dyslexia, memory conditions, concentration, spiritual deafness, and physical deafness. Though you have ears to hear, you cannot hear.

As I have shared this message in different places, we have had all kinds of testimonies of people with a spirit of insanity, madness, manic-depressive, and bi-polar set free and delivered. One example is a boy in Indiana who had dyslexia. I prayed for him and the power of God hit his body and caused an electric shock to go off in the back of his brain. The next day he was miraculously able to read. We have seen people's memory restored instantly that had been lost for years. We have had testimonies of restoration to concentration, ADD, and even improved grades in school. It gets as practical as people being able to instantly read and focus. Ninety percent of the cases of healings in deafness that we have seen have taken place as I shared this message. This message brought a change to the spiritual climate in Albany, Oregon. There is still an open heaven in Oregon.

My wife has a powerful testimony of how when she heard this message, it broke the spirit that made her deaf, dumb and mute. She was released into words of knowledge, visions, taken into the heavens and shown angels. She is moving in a high level prophetic anointing and beginning to give detailed words of knowledge that are blowing me out of the water! I said, "What happened Shonnah?" She said, "That power, whatever it is; something physically broke over my life and lifted off of me." Some people have a weight, a mental block, when they read the Bible and pray. The heavens seem to be brass, and they cannot get a breakthrough or remember what they have read. Or they cannot even focus to read the Bible. There is a spiritual oppression connected to that. It is a deaf and dumb spirit.


My Past Was My Push


The first time that God revealed to me the spirit that makes us deaf was a couple of years ago. My mom was completely deaf all my life. My father left when I was three years old. I was left to be raised by my mother. I remember the frustration, rejection and lack of communication that went on in my home because of my mother's deafness. It drove me into absolute anger, rage and rejection. I began to run my home and physically abused my mother by the time I was 11 years old. I was involved in all kinds of criminal activity. I was an alcoholic by age 11, and ended up in prison by the age of 14, where I served over an 18 months sentence. I listened to satanic music and was involved in the occult. One thing that I was angry about was the fact that my mom was deaf. I released that rage by mocking her with my school friends and laughing about her disability.

When I got saved, God turned my heart and captivity. I read about the ministry of Jesus in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and believed in miracles. I heard about how the deaf hear. I told God that I wanted that for my mother. I asked Him to open my mother's ears. My rejection, anger and rage of the disability of my mother were turned. The Lord put inside of me a fuel and a fire to believe for miracles in my own ministry, especially that deaf ears would be completely opened. I then committed my life to believing God to turn what the devil meant for evil against my own mother to good in other peoples' lives. In every way that he tried to steal, kill and destroy I committed to ask God to return by the hundreds and the thousands.

My mother died this in 2001, as a young woman of 48. She had a massive stroke and lived 18 months in the hospital as a vegetable and completely deaf. She was so broken in her body and depressed. She had given up because of things that she walked through and the many years that she had dealt with the way that I and my father had lived. I prayed for her every day. She died in the middle of a revival that we were experiencing in Albany, Oregon. I went on and grew in strength and ministry; what I call perseverance.

I said, "I will not quit; many died in the bible not yet receiving the promise. (Hebrews 11:39) I may not have received the promise of my mother's healing, but I am still going to preach the truth of what the Bible says about divine healing, regardless of what I feel and see." I literally refused discouragement and disappointment, though I had every right to be angry, confused, discouraged and disappointed. I used it to press in a greater way to believe God for miracles, rather than allowing the circumstance to wound me and crush my faith.


The Spirit That Makes Men Dumb


Isn't it interesting that in the last 20 years in America there are more children in special education classes. We have taken an apologetic attitude toward this. Bringing in teachers to help and making the disability acceptable. I am not saying that the person that is bound is evil. I believe there is a deeper root to the problems that we are seeing. I believe it is connected to the deaf and dumb spirit.

The dumb spirit affects your ability to understand revelation. It makes you spiritually dumb, so that you cannot understand the revelation of the spirit of wisdom and revelation. It affects your ability to understand the Bible. It is like a big parable to you. It affects your ability to understand mysteries. It affects your ability to understand, hear and receive spiritual revelation and truth. When you are deaf and dumb in the spirit, you have nothing to say.

So there is a form of godliness, denying the power. The kingdom of God in word only. Organized religion, denominationalism, and tradition and programs. "We do what we do now because we have done it for the last ten years." We talk about power, but we do not see any. We talk about what we did 20 years ago, but we do not see anything. We talk about the truth of the gospel and proclaim that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, but we do not see anything. We are hearers, and not doers.

We want to be doers, but we know there is a place that we are not getting the revelation in our heart that God wants us to have. We are truly hungry for revelation, but there is an assignment to make us deaf. And we see it in the Western church. It is shown in the bible, and it is connected to unbelief.


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