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Strife in marriage

Strife in marriage is devastating. 

Strife come in different forms, some loud and screaming and argumentative. So quiet and brooding - replaying back the conversations and emotions in your mind. As the WORD says in James 3:16 ‘For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.
Strife is the first step towards infidelity, divorce and separation.
Strife will alienate spouses firstly emotionally then sexually and finally physically from each other.

My grandmother used to say the one good thing about the devil; - he is not lazy.
If everything is going well and your feel live is sunny and bubbly – he will wait until you are tired, stressed, over work and worrying about stuff like finances and etc.
The enemy = Satan and his demons spirits

man and woman shouting

The enemy plant doubt in your relationship:

  1. Did I marry the right person?
  2. If I married so and so she/he would have NOT what my current spouse is doing.
  3. I don’t need this sh**t in my life -  I will be better without him/her (my friend on Facebook and my mother confirmed this ;)
  4. He always leaves all the doors open and never cleans up after himself
  5. She always bitches about everything and never say sorry when she does something wrong.
  6. (notice words like ‘always, never, etc)

Satan will try

  1. The enemy will notice where your sensitive areas are – areas where you have been rubbed wrongly many times before, and now they are bruises.
  2. He will get your spouse to knowingly or unknowingly rub you AGAIN in the wrong place.
  3. You will say something with a bit of a sting – he / she will reply with another bit of stinging back.

The enemy will also do the following:

  1.  Load things with emotions, so that everything get blown out of proportion.
  2. Interpret your words differently in meaning in our spouses mind – creating negative emotions and responses.
  3. Replay the video of words and actions from your and your spouse again and again over and over again, until you HATE him / her.

The enemy’s goal?

  1. To bring division – God can not bless division only unity (PS 133).
  2. Make your marriage sexless – remove the passion and romance.
  3. Remove hope, joy and love from you and your spouse.
  4. To break up you marriage covenant.
  5. To make your children grow up in a broken marriage. (this  ripples of this will affect their life and view of God and introduce things like sexually problems etc.)
  6. To NOT let you life in the joy of God’s presence and be a blessing to the rest of your friends and the world.
  7. As the bible says in John 10:10 basically to steal, kill and destroy.


You can destroy Satan's work in your family:

  1. Repent of unforgiveness towards your spouse
  2. Forgive your spouse.
  3. Tell God you are willing to LOVE what HE loves and HATE what HE HATES.
  4. Ask God to help YOU to put a guard before you mouth.
  5. Do what YOU can to grow spiritually  - don’t wait for your spouse to change.
  6. It takes 2 people to fight, if you stop fighting it strife will starve and stop.
  7. Pray for your spouse.
  8. As a Christian and Warrior of the King of King JESUS THE CHRIST, bind every demon spirit in you house and on your spouse. Bind spirit of division, fighting, strife, bickering, false and wrong memories and emotions, mind binding, mind controlling and manipulation.
  9. These demons are often allowed in your life via gate guards – that stands by your house and directs the evil spirits to your house – bind them also, also be aware that TELEVISION, sexual scenes, horror scenes – and thing that just plainly feeds the flesh and not please the Spirit of God in you.
  10. If it is possible pray with your spouse and take communion together on a regular basis.
  11. Get a brother / sister who walks in the fire of God to pray with you.

Good resources

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By: Gabriel Kolbe

18, Jun, 2015   Carrie j says:
Ok ... Wow ! What a great article full of truth. Then enemy has been operating in my marriage... I've just seeked the Lord more, filled myself with the word And showered my hubbie with love that probably makes no sense to him. (I am bubbling over with Love !) a couple weeks ago I began binding some of the spirits you mentioned. And now I speak and belief in faith that he is saved. I see us praying and speaking in tongues together as we go for a walk. He is such a sweet man. Soon he will see how loved by Jesus he is.

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