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How to pray for a child - advice from a father

Do your child have behavioral problems? Social problem? Does he struggle at school, lack of concentration?
Do you child have a physical problems, sickness or challenge of any kind? Do your child have allergies, food allergies.

I have very good news for you - the WORD of GOD never fails.

One of our children, a bright boy, seemed to be very slow at getting things done.
A school psychologist said that he is normal but had a problem with his short term memory (it is a bit lazy)

Then it struck me. How much do we actually pray for our children. The bible says WE are the limiting factor. God in Jesus has provided all solutions. The bible says WE have to DO the WORD and SPEAK the WORD.

Every night I take the boys for a 'mid night run' to the toilet, just to make sure we don't have any accidents in bed.

I decided to sit next to them every night and lay my hands on them when they are asleep, and pray for them intensively.

I would pray like this:

Thank you Lord for *****. He is a blessing. I bless him in Jesus name. I speak the mind of Christ on *****, (1 Cor 2:16)
I bind the mind of Christ to *****.
Your WORD says we don't have a spirit of fear, but a spirit of love, joy and a sound MIND. (2 Tim 1:7)

In Jesus name I heal ***** mind and make any adjustments needed. I bless his mind. I tie the WORD of God to his mind. Thank you LORD that he is capable to do all things through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:13).

(if there are any behavioral problems or sicknesses I pray the following)

In Jesus name I command all **behavioral problems** (disobedience, rebellion, selfishness ect) to leave this child. I DON'T accept it in Jesus name. 
I cut all behavioral sins of from his bloodlines from his mother and his father's side for the last 10 generations.
I cut off destroy and declare null and void any contracts, lies, soulish talk, loose talk, curses, gossip anyone has spoken over this child - In the name of Jesus.

With sickness I do the same.
I say in Jesus name - I don't accept any sickness, symptoms, decreases. I cast down any argument that want to accept this sickness 
(like: it's in his genes, his parents or grand parents had it)
I command this sickness (like an allergy) to leave this child in Jesus name.

Then I wait on the Holy Spirit to give me a rhema word for them. I prophesy it over them and bless them. I take my time.
I don't do this once a week. I do this daily. I have prayed for my children like this for months.

I can testify that :

  • There are far less sickness in our house 
  • There are far less strive and stress in our house, the kids are calmer and very rarely fight or bicker. 
  • The teachers at the kids's school said that they have seen a dramatic change in the children's school work quality.

family gabriel prayer

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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