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What DVD s movies to watch and music to avoid guidelines

There are literally thousands of DVD and new ones coming out the whole time. This also goes for music.Measels

So as a Christian (especially when you have children) it is a good idea to make yourself some rules and try and stick to it.

I don’t want to be over legalistic and not enjoy anything, but I also believe (convinced) that demon spirits come into our houses and create havoc in our relationships and finances and attitudes in our houses.

I believe Satan uses the TV, DVD and Games to do this kind of thing. I believe that Satan acts on words spoken and heard especially. Since we don’t have people saying inappropriate things to us, we will often allow this kind of thing in our lives in the name of ‘entertainment’ especially after a hard day’s work, you and the kids has gone to bed, you just want to kick back and switch of your mind and relax- I know the feeling.

There is a law called: THE LAW OF MEASLES AND MUMPS

MeaselsHow it works is; if you tell someone you have measles, but you have mumps, they will get infected with measles, it is very simple. It is not just what you tell people, it is the spirit you are conveying that affects people. I can teach on the forgiveness of God yet have unforgiveness myself and convey a spirit of unforgiveness.

Because of this main vehicle of choice should be: Listen to the direction of the Holy Spirit, ask God to reveal to you if there are any contact points in your home.

Other pointers should be:

1. Does things continually break ?
2. Do you children continually fight and bicker ?
3. Is the strife in the house ?
4. Do you continually forget where you place things ?

One other thing, often movies hint at stuff like sexual innuendo and so on, so it is not always the actual ‘act’ of transgression I am looking for. Often a person involved in homosexuality does a movie, book or music. Even if there is not direct reference to that sin and lifestyle, the spirit is still present. Is also true for other god-denying kind of sins.  Sometimes the spirit is new age, unbelief, making light of Godly things etc.

So here are MY rules: (you can read mine and make up your own mind)

  1. Don’t watch movies with blasphemy
    (I believe that Satan promotes movies with casual blasphemy, and witchcraft)
  2. Don’t watch movies with witchcraft
  3. (This includes ghosts, spirits, magic, witches, vampires, zombies etc)
  4. Don’t watch movies with sex scenes and nudity
  5. Don’t watch movies with extreme violence – blood and guts scenes.
    (Obviously all ‘action’ movies have a bit of violence)
  6. Don’t watch movies that your wife don’t agree with
    (yes boys, unity is important in marriage)
  7. Don’t watch movies; listen to music where the (main) author is an outspoken homosexual or person living in outright rebellion against God.
  8. Above all, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and obey Him above all. As we are called to holiness and separation.
  9. Don't watch for the sake of just watching, why not just leave the telly of? Read a book, here's thought, why don't we just sit and chat?

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By: written by Gabriel Kolbe

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