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All sin originates form unbelief and pride. The bible says that we often chose to believe a lie. Why would we choose not to believe the truth ? Is it ‘nice’ not to take responsibility for our spiritual and moral lives ? Is it comfortable to stay as we are ?

Are we tucked away in our own self-pity and self-absorption not willing to face the real truth ?


The following verses proclaim what God thinks of us.

We must memorize them, recite them, stick them on our walls, daily repeat them, till they sink into our thick sculls and change the way we look at God, each other and ourselves-renewing our minds (Rom 8) Because as a man think in his mind so is he.  Proverbs 23:7


  1. I am redeemed                                                 Col1:13
  2. I am acceptable                                                 Ps139:14
  3. I am adopted                                                     Eph1:5
  4. I am blessed                                                      Eph1:3
  5. I am born again                                                 1Pe1:23
  6. I am dead to sin                                                Col3:3
  7. I am bought with a price                                   1Cor 7:23
  8. I live forever                                                   John10:23
  9. I have faith                                                      Rom 1:23

10. I am holy, blameless and beyond reproach          Col1:22

11.  I am forgiven                                                     1John  2:12

12. I am an heir                                                      Rom 8:17

13. I am more than a conqueror                               Rom 8:37

14. I am healed                                                       Is 53:5

15. I am His beloved                                               John3:16

16. I am a child of God                                            Gal3:26

17. I am a new creation                                           2Cor5:17

18. I can do all things through Christ                       Phil4:13

19. I am without condemnation                                 Rom 8:1

20.I am crucified with Christ                                Gal2:20

21. I am the Righteousness of God                          2 Cor5:21

22.I am clean  (sanctified)                                     John15:3


Know it, believe it, receive it, apply it---application brings victory!!

Unbelief manifest in:


  1. Unbelief chose death –give up-this opens you up to demonic oppressions

(see teaching ‘Demon oppressions and possessions’ )

  1. Unbelief clings to false securities this brings anxiety and fear
  2. Unbelief performs to be acceptable to God and man
  3. Can’t receive forgiveness
  4. Attach a wrong value system to yourself, your value is based on what you posses and what you have achieved
  5. Unbelief does not trust God, it keeps a ‘back door’ open incase God disappoints
  6. Unbelief is indecisive and unstable
  7. Unbelief has weak relationships with people and God
  8. Unbelief makes decisions out of rejection

10. Unbelief ends in suicide

unbelief discipleship

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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