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Tithing to do or not to do - that is the question

I think this book says it all. So I don't have to redo this teaching, I got the material from http://www.tithingdebate.com/

You can download the book from here:

or if this link breaks from my site at EatingSacredCows

Eating Sacred Cows Book

This is what is says:
Here it is! The granddaddy of tithing books “Eating Sacred Cows”. Unlike the arguments supporting Christian Tithing or the so called "principle of tithing" Eating Sacred Cows is a well researched Biblically grounded work. Eating Sacred Cows has been resisted by many with a vested interest in keeping the tithing idea alive; resisted by denouncing it from the pulpit and even burning their copies - not by answering its Biblical arguments. Opponents have even admitted that Eating Sacred Cows teaches the truth, but they are afraid it would stop people giving. Whereas others have embraced its honest dealings with the facts - people like the famous Bible teacher Dr. Derek Prince who was so impressed he personally ordered twenty copies as gifts for his international council. Eating Sacred Cows was authored by Bible teacher and pastor Graeme Carlé, and was first published in 1994. Click on the link above or on the book's graphic to download your free copy (8.4 mb, PDF format)


By: Eating Sacred Cows by Graeme Carlé

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