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The Bible in a nutshell for dummies

In the beginning there was nothing.... --- only God.
God had lots of love to give. He was always a good God.

But to who do you give your love if there is nobody else that exists?

He had a big problem. Luckily nothing is impossible for God, so He decided to make ‘little gods’ that look like Him – in His ‘image’. Yes, He decided to make people.

Then He thought,”Wouldn’t it be nice if this ‘people’ can love me back?” He was looking for true love. So in order for this love to be true, ‘people’ must have a ‘free choice’ to love or not to love Him. So He decided not to make ‘robot-people’ but ‘free-willed-people’.

He wanted to give this ‘free-willed-people’ a gift, so that they might know that He truely love them and that He is love. Since He made everything out of nothing, anything He would give would be a ‘cheat’ because He got it for free, it does not show the value of His love.

He said; “I will not give anything that cost me nothing”. The only ‘thing’ He could give is Himself – the most costly ‘Thing’ ever.

 Firtsly He had to create a universe with a planet in it, so that all the people can live on it. He called this planet ‘earth’.

Next on His ‘creation list’ was ‘angels’ their job was to look after the earth, (but some of them became bad and hated God because they were jealous of His love).

Then he also created all the animals and plants and the first two people on this beautiful earth. God was so impressed with this people that He gave the earth as a small sample of His love.But then things went terribly wrong. The devil – one of the x-angels, a real evil kenevil- called Satan, lied to this people and got them to give their ‘free-will’ and the earth to him!

All the people on the earth became the devil’s slaves. Now all the people was not ‘free-willed-people’ anymore but ‘slave-people’.It was now impossible for them to love God. It was almost all lost when God had a brilliant plan. He was going to ‘buy’ this ‘free will’ from the devil, with the most precious thing in the whole wide universe – Himself.!

 He knew that if He needs to ‘trade’ Himself, He needs to come to earth looking like one of these ‘slave-people’, otherwise they would be so scared of His Almighty-presence-of-brilliant-light-and-thunder that they don’t see His heart of love.

He was even scared that some of them would die from fear. He decide to come as one of them, so that He could show them how good He is, how much love He has, and that He really likes them. He came to set all the ‘slave-people’ free.

Then He realize that if He comes looking like one of these ‘slave-people’ they will not recognise him. Because together with the devil’s slavery also came pride that blinded and deathend all the people.

So He decided that He will ‘prepare the way’. He would create a nation of people that will expect Him, then he would sent lots of prophets to write down in books prophecies about Him.

Things that He will do and say, places that He will visit, the place where He will be born, things that will happen to Him, and signs that will happen before He comes. Also how He will be, smart and loving and truthfull. So that if they see all these things happening, they will know: He is the One.

He knew that in order to ‘trade’ Himself He has to allow the devil to use His beloved people to kill Him. This would be the ‘price’ He has to ‘pay’ to get this ‘slave-people’ free. He also knew that this will break His heart, but even if He could do this for only one of these people, He knew it would be worth it. He also realised that this would be His ultemate sign of love. “For no man has greater love that He who lay down His life for His friends”.

How is it possible – you might ask – that a created ‘thing’ like death, can kill a ‘un-created Thing’ like God? Exactly! God knew it!

He knew that although they can kill the body He came in, it is impossible to kill Him. So after Satan gave Him all the pain and suffering a man can be given, His body died.
Now He has paid the ‘price’ and all the ‘slave-people’ and the earth belonged to Him! Everyone who turns to Him – He decided- He will set ‘free’, and not only give them ‘earth’ back, but a newer and bigger and more beautifuller ‘earth’. Where He will continually share, day and night, all the love that is in His heart. 

 After He resurrected His ‘people-body’. He decided to take as much time as possible to return before He collects everone that now belongs to Him.(He calls them His children).

So that everyone has a chance to be free and get the chance to share His wonderful love. When He returns – He decided- He will show them who He really is and come in His Almighty-presence-of-brilliant-light-and-thunder. The one’s who chose to accept and love Him will be extremely happy.The one’s who decided not to: well, let’s just say, they will die of fear.

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By: Gabriel Kolbe

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