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The 5 Th commandment

Honor your parents, that you may live long          Ex20:12

 Young people’s (and other ages) two most common biggest problems are:

  1. How to handle sex and their hormones.
  2. How to handle their family -especially their parents-and other relationships.

 Some of societies biggest problems originate from wrong family relationships like:

Suicide, homosexualism, other sexual perversions, drugs, divorce, etc.

God created the family environment for warmth, love, security, acceptance,

social identity, protection, training, teaching, growth, freedom, maturity etc.

 Proverbs 17:6 says that children are the glory of their grandparents but parents are the glory of their children. Children don’t accept any security or authority. Children without a natural functioning home, feel rejected and outcasted in society. There is security in authority.

Psychological studies have proven that security is among the top five highest psychological needs of human beings.

God has created children to naturally trust their parent’s authority, if this trust is broken bitterness results. Bitterness towards parents is often projected towards other authority structures and persons like the government and God.

A whole generation of broken bitter relationships can often change a country’s history. People with rejection problems will often even die for a ‘worthy’ cause, like a political revolution, where purpose, direction and acceptance can be found from fellow comrades.

Downward root of bitterness                       Inward signs 

  1. Breakdown in communications                   Bitterness (any reason)  Hebr12:15
  2. Ungrateful                           2 Tim 3:2     Self-pity                         Job 10:1
  3. Stubbornness                                          Rejection of Authority             Is  14:12-14
  4. Open rebellion                                         Makes self authority      
  5. Chose wrong friends             Ps1:1            Agree in rebellion           1 Sam  15:23
  6. Defend the wrong                                   Secret lusts                    Gal5:19-21
  7. Judge other                         Rom2:1         Deep inward guilt           
  8. Mood extremes                                       Thoughts of self destruction and suicide                                                           

Ways to deal with Issues

Ask forgiveness and give forgiveness and repent of all sins.

(see the teachings on forgiveness and salvation )

discipleship honor-parents gabriel

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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