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List of life changing teachings

BLESSED are THEY who keep His STATUTES and SEEK Him with ALL their heart. (Ps 119:2)

7 Barren woman (Christ in us)


- Creation evolution

- World views

- Christian sects

- World religions

In relation to: Christ, sin, redemption, God, Universe, life after death etc.

Assurance of salvation

Blessings and curses

Character of God

Conviction and condemnation



Dialogue with God

Fatherheart of God

Forgiveness and offences

Fruit and gifting of the Spirit


Gods eternal program and Jesus

Gods timing

Gods voice and will

Gods way to righteousness

Greek and the Hebrew perceptions


Honoring Your Parents (5th commandment)

Identity in Christ

Increasing Your Anointing


Money matters

Money matters


New vision

Opposite spirit


Phycososiological problems

Places to be and not to be

Praise and worship


Pride (Roots and fruits)

Principals to (Biblical) prosperity

Rebellion and rejection

Refusal to mature

Relationship roles


Sexual problems


Spiritual protection

Spiritual warfare

Temptations and sin

The Person and baptism of the Holy Spirit

The value of man

Transgressions and iniquity


Some ideas which I am busy looking into ...


  • Raising your children, using the bible, using biblical feats and holidays to get the message through
  • Fasting - as inspired by the book 'Fasting' by Jentezen Franklin


  • Live before Birth
    Did our lives start at the fusion of you mothers’ egg and farthers sperm? Or was our live hidden in God?
  • Keep focus, avoid distractions, illimanate distractions run with a goal
  • Sin: It's deceit, avoidance and intellegence


  • The wisedom of having joy
    Joy is such an 'under rated'  gift of the Spirit.
        God commands us to have joy - it is not really an option
        Satan uses excuses (he goes under cover) to undermine our joy
        Lack of sleep, tiredness, stress, sickness, poverty is all excuses Satan uses
        Nothing can steel our joy if we don't allow it.
        Jesus, although scared, set the cross before Him as joy (He knew what He will achieve by it)
        Joy is also a habit.
        The bible says: In the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy
        When we walk close to God we can't help to be joyfull
        When we are far from God we can't help to be joyless


  • The wisedom of smacking (disciplining) children - to set barriers not to punish
  • How to smack a child (in love, pre-tresspass, discipline, slowly, with low voice volume)
  • The wisedom of unity and blessings in family and relationships
  • Christ in the OLD testament
  • Review and teaching on the book '5 love languages'
  • Overload of morndern information, selective reading, Satan's strategy
  • Promotion of evolutionism, situation ethics, alternative lifestyles, and the re-writing of history has eroded the essential foundations for discipline, productivity and freedom
  • Acting on principle, establish it, know it, remember it, do it
  • If you don't gather, you shatter


  • Sanctification: making 'space' for God - 'false iodine absorption analagy'
    If you absorb iodine, it is absorbed in the tyriod gland. When you get exposed to nuclear radiation, which get stored in the tyriod gland it prevents the absorption of radioactive iodine, which protects the tyriod glad and prevents cancer.

    The same analagy goes like this: if you absorb the ‘world’ the whole time, via television, radio, music and other ways. When you enter into God’s presence you will struggle to ‘absorb’ or feel the effects of His awsome presence because you have been exposed to a subsitute.

    As the word of God says: If you love the world you hate God.


  • The Father Heart of God
  • Satan's 'lesser' tricks (wrong relationships, worry about money and retirement, money in too much property, depoularisesation of the country side, longing for the past)  
  • Role of the ten commandments
  • Gospel of John summary
  • Value of Time in the closet
  • Intelligentiblical money principles
  • lessons from the 3 little pigs
  • Dealing with guilt and regret and failure


  • Low level persecution

        In many work situations in western countries for instance they are not allowed by law to actively percecute christians.
        yet Christians can suffer continual low level, low intensity persecution which grinds and grinds on a person
        It might not be because you are a ‘christian’ it just might just be because you don’t go to the pub with other people, refuse to tell a white lie, refuse to compromise to make things ‘easier’.
        The ‘problem’ with being a christian - as the bible says  - for the worldly you ‘stick’ of death, for the heavenly you smell beautiful.
        Because you are a christian you worldview on finance, politics, child rearing, fun, work every area of life WILL be difficult to try and act ‘normal’ in  a worldly work situation so that you can make things ‘work’


  • Knowing and Reinforcing your why’s

        to know why you don things is very important. Many people do religious things, but have not asked why.
        Also why is it important to be born again?
        Why is it important to be baptised by the Holy Spirit?
        Why is it important to live Holy - what is the ‘rewards’
        Why is it important to NOT have sex before marriage?
        Why is it important to make daily time for God? Especially in the morning?

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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