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Jumbel of ideas, books and comments

My people die for a lack of knowledge…..

Theoritical and theological questions

Where does the devil, come from ?
Why doesn’t God just destroy him ?
Can the devil ‘repent’ and be good ?
What is Satan’s characteritics ?
killer, accuser, liar, destroyer, thief, legalist (John 10:10)
Can he be every where at the same time ?
How intelegent is he ?
What does he know about me ?
How poweful is he ?
‘I’ll leave the devil alone, then he will leave me alone’
Can christians have demons ?
Personal responsibility -tree

Things to ponder….

Jesus’s ministry..now ours Jes 61
Quick fix, super duper, gospel ?
Making enemies with the devil, hating him and his works. Psalms
Fullfilling our calling. !!!!!!!! neutralisation, obtaining the goal           

Nature of spiritual warfare

Profetic ministry, discipleship, ministering to God, hearing God.
Over situations, spiritual mapping, deliverance, intercession
Deliverance a prosess
Attack priority
The nature of our lifes and spiritual warfare.. ef 6
If God gave us all this weapons why not fight ?
Seperation from the world, devotion to God.
(2 Cor 6:17&18, Rev 11:3-5, 13:8, 18:21,20:12-15, Matt 13:30,48,50, 1Pet 2:9)
Adopting a learning curve, bible, books, situations, people
Forms of manifestations
Principal of binding and loosing
How it works, -roots   (Mark8:24)
Contact points – Points of legal contact 

Way to do active and non-active spiritual warfare


Praise and worship
Ommiting junk, tv
Quality and quantity time with God alone.
Sacrificing the flesh
Mind over matter


 Intercession, spiritual mapping
Anointing, deliverance

Reasons for deliverance 

Spiritual growth
Success in life
Salvation for others
Fullfilling our calling

Deliverance, Do’s and don’t’s 

Generally don’t do it alone
Don’t do it to unsaved people
Don’t do it if you have sin in your life


Intercede first, listen to the Holy Spirit
Get friends to do it with you 


Dan 10:13 Michael helps Gabriel against the prince of Persia
Eph 1:21, 6:12,
Col 1:16


My descent into death

Howard Storm

A Divine Relation of Heaven

Mary K Baxter

A Divine Revelation of Hell

Mary K Baxter

The Intercessor

Norman Grubb

Mere Christianity


The Final Quest

Rich Joyner

Angels on Assignment

Charles and Francis Hunter

Divine Romance

Gene Edwards

The Call

Rich Joyner

Screw type letters


Twilight Labybirinth

George Otis Jr

Last of the Giants

George Otis Jr

I dare to call Him Father

Bilquies Sheik

Pigs in the palor

Frank and Idea Mae Hammond

The Universe next door

James W Shire

Lucifer Dethroned

William and Sharon Schnoebelen

Bloodline curses

Dereck Prince

Blood on the doorposts

William and Sharon Schnoebelen

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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