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Hearing the voice of God

When a christian wants to learn how to hear God’s voice. It is easy and yet difficult. To hear the voice of God works on the principle “ If you are faithful in the little things God will bless you with Big things” This is also how I have learned to hear the voice of God. When I was still at school, some mornings I have to pack my books in according to a roster. When I come to a particular subject I would think : “ I think I must pack only this or that book in” I tried to cut down on to may books since the bag would become very heavy. The I would get a “ feeling” that I should also include this or that other book. Through trial and error and getting into and out of trouble I have learned in this little things, that sometimes this ‘feeling’ is the soft , easily over powered voice of the precious Holy Spirit. What I have learned is that if you hear and obey God when His voice is very soft, you will be able to hear God clearer and clearer and your spirit will be trained to hear the voice of the Lord


By: Gabriel Kolbe

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