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Active Synergy in the church

Synergy in the church (God’s secret weapon for endtime revival)

 A pastor in a church once told me that he has never kicked any one out of his church, and that he has been ministering for quite a few years. The reason he told me this was to give me confidence to tell him what was bothering me. I didn’t want to tell him, because it was him that was bothering me. (I honestly thought that he was the most arrogent man I have ever met). I didn’t want to tell him so because I would have prefered to deal with this issue in my own heart and experience have taught me that after telling an authority hunger pastor something like that – he never treats you the same again. True enough within two months I’ve not been kicked out but worked out, not invited, not welcome, and every sunday icy greetings was what was received from him and his wife.

The reason why I tell this is to explain that most leaders will vow high and low that unity is God’s plan, but we all know, not everyone will make it one of their highest priorities.

The whole of  Psalms 133 is about blessing:

”How good and pleasant is it when brothers love together in unity!

It is like precious oil (anointing of the Holy Spirit) poured on ...

Aaron (the priest, apointed serveant, apointed to minister TO God)

Running down his head, his beard, his collar, his robes. – permeating through the whole person and ministery symbolic for effecting, toughing and anointing.

 It is as if the dew (symbolic of blessings) of Mount Hermon (symbolic of the high places of the worldly systems, the site where the Canaanites used to worship)

Were falling on Mount Zion (symbolic of the church) Hebr 12:22

There the Lord bestows his blessings

Even life for evermore (salvation)

All of this basically comes down to one thing. Do you want to be blessed ? Do you want to be anointed ? Have you tried to increase your anointing through more knowledge, more conferances, more people praying for you, more self help courses ? This is what God says. He has one word for you. Unity

 In God’s wisedom He has chosen unity to be the secret weapon He for His endtime church. One will set a thousand to flight and two ten thousand (Deut 32:30). The power of synergy can be seen in many other examples in nature and science. One ox pulls X tons, two pulls 10X. Explosives makes a bang, oxegin burn, mix the two and walla ! Ka boom !

Want to win a war with a smaller army ? Is it possible ? Yes ! synergize your forces, focus on one area, and reduce the enemy easily. This and many other examples have been proven in mathmatics, chemistry and in almost ever other science.

 Definition: The collective sum is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

 Still the church of God prefer to ‘follow our God given mission’. Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America and almost ever other place on earth where there are missionaries and christians active synergy is rare, while muslim and hindu organisasions work together, give together. No wonder the muslim faith the fastest spreading faith in the world today. As Keith Green said, the world is sleeping in the night while the church is asleep in the light.

While I was living in London the above pastor was seeking to establish a church, since there was a already established church, planted from the same country, out of the same religious and denomination back ground on the other side of London. I thought that it would be great to get these two men of God together, and London has 10 to 20 million people. Not one church will be able to save the whole city.The one can help the other. They both had the same basic vision, the same basic doctrine and they both confessed to love the Lord. I spoke to both of the pastors seperately advising that it would be a great idea for them to meet each other. Both had the same answer: Let him come to me, both were to proud to meet the other pastor. I think God weeps when things like this happens.

 In Cape Town I the wine farms sometimes have problems with rats, rats can be a pest and destroys expensive equipment. Luckly for the farmers there is a easy solution. A small bit of poisin are diluted into the intoxcicating wine. The moral of the story is dilution kills !

Too dillute the gospel means to rob it of it’s power, and because of this lack of power, many go to hell, many stay sick, many stays undelivered. Synergy is wisedom from God, and stores the power of God. As Samson’s hair gave him power so and synergy in the church releases God Almighty’s power !

he reasons for little cooperation between pastors, churches and  denominations in general is plenty. Fear, lack of wisedom, pride are only a few. As every other problem facing the world today the main reason and cause of uncooperation is plainly this: it is the work of the devil and his angels.

As the word of God says in Gal       “Our fight is not agaist flesh and blood, but the powers and principalities and spirits in dark places "

The spirits behind disunity

Jezebel spirit

The Jezebel is found in the Old Testament. Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal (with Baal) the King of the Zidonians, and priest of Astate. Baal and Astate is often mentioned together in the bible. Other names for Baal and Astate in other cultures is ..

 Jezebel was married to Agab. Jezebel ordered to kill the prophets of the Lord. The spirits behind Jezebel and Agab and these idols are the same spirits that attack the church of God to day. The Jezebel spirit is first of all a manipulating spirit, many time we see this in churches. This manipulative-Jezebel spirit manifest it self in people. It wants to kill the prophetic move of the Holy spirit in a church.

 This Jezebel spirit likes to deceive pastors which who are in charge of churches. It gives the pastors a sense of ‘superiority’. They act and think that they are ‘just a little bit’ better that the average member. They like to always have all the attention focus on them. When they are on stage they preach wonderful messages, but when the come off it they are unable to communicate with ‘normal’ people. They like to minister ‘at’ people and don’t minister ‘to’ people. They find it very difficult to delegate authority and resposibility to other people. They don’t trust people easily. They are very conscious of how many people attend their church. Money is often preached about in every service. They view other churches as ‘them’ and their church as ‘us’. They will claim high and low that they are here to extend the kingdom of God, but they won’t get involved in any ministery if it doesn’t build their church. They are unable to cooperate with other ministries, they see other ministries as threats, but will never admit to this. They will tell everyone that they are following the ‘vision’ that God has bestowed on them, and this is their excuse to be exclusive. They absorb all authority and resources in a church. They like to be called titles like ‘pastor’ or ‘father’. They won’t get involved in the ‘menial’ jobs in a church like washing the dishes after coffee. They will often preach ‘servanthood’ and ‘submission’ but they themselves will never submit to people in their own church and ‘servanthood’ to them means preaching. They will always look for willing ‘disciples’ to ‘serve’ them untill they ‘win’ the privelage to have more responsibility. Often pastors with this spirit will stop people in the church ministering to others till hê finds them ‘worthy’ and are ‘officially released’. They like to build structures around them which act as comfort zones.

In churches where pastors like this operate it will keep the congregtion in eternal infancy, members will not gain any personal ministry experience or maturity. The focus of such a congregation is often too much on achieving ‘goals’ to be reached out there and will often neglect it’s own members.

Churches like this will often over emphise certain issues like ‘evangelisim’ or ‘reaching the local community’, and neglect the ‘holistic’ message of the gospel. As Jesus said in Isaiah 61:1-3 Hê came to preach the goodnews AND heal the broken hearted AND set the captives free. What they don’t realize is that all these goals and issues can be reached if they are willing to trust one another and employ the full resources of a congregation. Unfortunately the sobering truth of today is that  many eager church members today loose interest and get totally disorientated when they realize that some of their fellow sheep have fangs.

Pastors in churches have to continually humble themselves to make sure that this spirit doesn’t blow up and let him/ her fall into pride. Much intercession and pleading must be made before the Lord for deliverance and super human wisdom. Like David, the water must be thrown out and offered to the Lord that has been offered to him.

Church members will have the opposite Ahab spirit which creates spinelessness, these types of member are satisfied with secondhand revelations, they are satisfied to be spoonfed sunday after sunday. To come Sunday after sunday and praise and worship wonderfully and hear wonderful sermons and enjoy wonderful warm and fuzzy christian fellowship, with little or no power of the original prophets and apostles of the word of God. They never or seldom do their own research into the things of God and seldom read any ‘solid food’. They seldom have any initiative for ministery outside the local church.


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By: Gabriel Kolbe

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