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3 Revelations - How Satan attacks us

In August we went to France on a 2 week holiday close to Chabanaise. God showed me 3 things
At the beginning of the holiday God gives me 1 Jeremiah 33:3

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

Revelation 1: How Satan attack us  - Hiding God's love.

If you read Psalm 139 it says (v7 ) You will see that God will pursue you and go where ever you are. God knows you inside out, He knows your thoughts before you think them. If you go to the sea He is already there, if you try and hide in darkness, it is like light to Him. His thoughts towards you are precious (good) v17. It also says His thoughts are numerous. (He doesn't just think about you once a day ;) )

Basically it says God loves you intensely. He is the whole time occupied with who you are and what you do and where you go. It is like you are the only human on earth and he is the only living being in the universe. He is heavy into you.

Now, if you read Ephesians 4:17 you will see that Satan blinds the hearts and the hearts of people so that they can not see this love of God which is so awesome!

And this is my point. This is Satan's first port of call to attack your perception of God, your revelation of God's love in you by blinding you. I believe that is why he tries to get us in to sin and busy-ness so that the revelation of God's love in us get forgotten, stolen out of our hearts.

Just something else to pounder on.. Do you think Eve would have sinned against God if she had a perfect revelation and understanding of God's love for her. If she really believed that God is willing and able to give to her everything which is good for her and wants to remove everything that is bad for her. If she trusted in such love. Would she have sinned?

You will sin very easy, Satan will blow you over and lie to you if you don't understand and live in the revelation of God's love for you.

So why not take a day or week and fast and pray and ask God to give you a fresh revelation of his love?

Revelation 2: How Satan attack us - Adding to what Jesus did for us.

It took me about 20 years as a Christian to truly come to a more full understanding of the gospel. What Jesus did for us.

Jesus did a complete work for us. 100% perfect. When He was on the cross He said: It is finished!!!

So here it is. You can not 'add' or 'take' away anything to what Jesus has done for you. Like Hebrews said Jesus did ONCE ONCE for all time. For all the sin that you have done, all the sin you are going to do. All your and mine hardness of heart, rebellion and disobedience.

When someone pray for a sick person and they say 'Please God heal this person' God sees the heart but strictly speaking that is wrong. God in Jesus, 2000 years, ago has already decided to make healing available. God does not have to 'decide' will He heal this person or not. In Christ you are HEALED. We don't have to beg God, we can stand in faith on what Jesus has done.

The same goes for your provision, God in Jesus has already provided for you everything you need to fulfil the calling he has on your life.

So here is my point: Satan tries to add to what Christ has done for you. He tries to 'add' sickness. 'Add' despair, add loneliness, add depression, add headaches, add strive to relationships, add lack, add poverty, add guilt.

If you stand in Christ; you don't stand at the bottom of the hill fight your way up to try and get what God has for you, or you hope He has for you. NO, you stand IN the castle, defending what Christ ALREADY has done for you. All that you have to do is RESIST Satan. Don't take any of the rubbish he tries to give you - reject it. He will try and try and try and try and try and try and try to give you what Christ has NOT given you. All that you have to do is say: 'In Jesus name I don't accept it'

So think of a few things or areas where you need victory.

Say the following out load 30 times :

In Jesus name I don't accept .......

Revelation 3: How Satan attack us  - Messing with you brain.

Often as Christians we are very aware of what we say and we know that we will be judge by every word we say. We know that all our words are seed and it produces positive or negative harvests.

But then we allow Satan's thoughts into our heads. We have to be aware when a thought comes into our heads and if it does not carry the seal of the Holy Spirit - reject it - sometimes we have to reject it OUTLOAD.

If you don't reject it - the demon will use your brain like a springboard to then launch it's attack on another member of your family or Christians.

Demons are spirits and can not operate properly in the physical world without the permission of a human. Often this permission is not explicitly given it is taken or stolen. If a person does not explicitly reject, renounce and resist demonic thoughts - the demon will take it as a sign that it has been give (or allowed) authority to be active.

The solution is to allow NO Strife in you house or relationships - this is a clear sign of demonic operations. Keep you mind full of the things of God, His Word, testimonies (youtube as loads)

Fast weekly, Read Daily, Pray hourly.

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By: Gabriel Kolbe

14, Jan, 2015   Susan Mlamba says:
Great article God bless you, and continue to use you for His glory. Susan Mlamba

22, Feb, 2015   blessing majuta says:
i luv this.its rili teaching mi a lot of thngs i ddnt knw.God bless u

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