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7 Deliverance Prayers than can change your life

The article is based on Prayer that heal the hart by Mark Virkler’s book, Prayers that Heal the Heart.

The short interview by Sid Roth can be seen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0g2he4g8bk
The Teaching part 1 by Mark Virkler here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0_i_hS9ZCk
PDF study guide on healing the heart

Mark Virkler - like many other people found out that just blind deliverance is not enough. Many times demons have a legal right to influence people. The bible talks of people being 'demonised' which does not mean possession but demons influencing parts and areas in someone's life.

Demonic Strongholds/Clusters

Cluster 1: anger, hatred, malice, rage, murder, temper, cursing, vengeance, retaliation, violence, abuse, cruelty, sadism, unforgiveness, bitterness, being judgmental or critical, taking offense easily/ irritability, anger towards men or women, anger towards mother or father, anger towards authority, anger/ resentment towards God

Cluster 2: fear, fear of man, fear of authority, doubt/ unbelief, dread, worry, anxiety, fear the worst will happen, fear of various illnesses such as cancer, fear people will get angry with you or won't like you, spirit of false responsibility, spirit of rush

Cluster 3: abandonment, desertion, divorce, rejection, neglect, victimization, blocked intimacy, not valuing people/ relationships/ ending relationships, burning bridges, isolation, loneliness, self-pity

Cluster 4: shame, anger, condemnation, disgrace, embarrassment, guilt, hatred, self-hate, self-pity, withdrawal, hiding/ antisocial. timidity, inferiority

Cluster 5: lying, cheating, theft, deception, trickery, untrustworthiness, adultery, emotional adultery, denial, self-deception, secretiveness, hiding purchases/ activities/ relationships

Cluster 6: financial lack, belief in poverty, robbing God by not tithing, not believing in covenant blessings, greed, covetousness, debt, dishonesty, idolatry of possessions, failure

Cluster 7: addictions, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, sugar, coffee, chocolate/ sweets, pornography, sex, flirtation, junky magazines/ websites/ TV shows/ movies, overeating, drinking too much alcohol, anything you cannot do in moderation

Cluster 8: sensuality, lust, fantasizing/ coveting another's mate, flirtation, premarital sex, sexual abuse, fornication/ adultery/ emotional adultery, demonic sex, pornography, bondage/ control, rape, incest

Cluster 9: depression, rejection, despair, helplessness, hopelessness, sadness, self-pity, withdrawal, suicide

Cluster 10: grief, sorrow, despair, heartbreak, loss, pain, torment, weeping, anguish, agony

Cluster 11: mental instability, mental illness, compulsions, confusion, hysteria, paranoia, schizophrenia, insanity

Cluster 12: pride, arrogance, disdain, selfishness, control/ pushiness, independence, callousness/ lack of concern for others, gossip

Cluster 13: procrastination, sloth, laziness, distraction/ confusion/ lack of focus, not thinking things through before acting, speaking or writing e-mails, lack of organization/ preparation, lateness/ tardiness, missing appoint-ments/ phone calls

There are 7 prayer areas Prayer for Breaking Generational Sins and Curses

1. Prayer for Breaking Generational Sins and Curses

  1. I confess and repent of the sins of my ancestors (recall any in particular God reveals), my parents, and my own sin of ____________________. I repent of any anger and resentment that I have against you, God, for allowing this in my life.
  2. I forgive and release my ancestors for passing on to me this sin and for the resulting curses of _________________. (Be specific and ask the Lord to reveal to you.) I ask you to forgive me for my participation in this sin. I receive your forgiveness. I forgive myself for participating in this sin.
  3. Prayer Minister pronounces: “In the name of Jesus Christ, I forgive you and God forgives you.”
  4. Picture yourself as a baby in your mother’s womb. When you see yourself there, Picture the streams of negative energy flowing to you from your mother’s side of your family.
    “Lord, I place the Cross of Jesus Christ between the negative energy of the sins of my ancestors and resulting curses and myself.” Watch and see what happens to the sin energy and all resulting curses as they hit the Cross. When the negative stream has hit the Cross and you feel no more power from it, pray “ I now ask You, Lord, to release new freedom and all the blessings of Calvary and the finished work on your Cross upon me and upon all my descendants.“

    (Pray the same way pictorially for your father’s side of the family. If you are adopted and feel that this sin is present in your adopted family, it does no harm to pray this prayer for your adopted family also. Prayers for soul ties also are important for the adopted.)

2. Prayer for Severing Ungodly Soul Ties

  1. I confess and repent of my sin of coming into ungodly agreement with ______________. Forgive me, God, of any anger and resentment I may have against You for allowing this to happen in my life.
  2. I forgive __________________ for their involvement in this sin. I ask you to forgive me for my participation. I receive your forgiveness. I forgive myself.
  3. Prayer Minister pronounces: “In the name of Jesus Christ, I forgive you and God forgives you.”
  4. Using pictures of the heart, see the soul ties between self and others. Prayer minister may lead in a prayer of cutting soul ties until all are cut and there is peace. Using the hand to physically simulate cutting the strands may help.
  5. When peace is restored, pray the following. “ Lord, restore the broken or torn portions of my soul. Remove from me anything that has come into me through these soul ties and restore to me anything that has been stolen. In the name of Jesus Christ, I now speak to every part of you: your mind, your body, your spirit and your emotions. You are no longer bound to act according to these soul ties.”

Difficulties in breaking soul ties may be:

  1. Unforgiveness
  2. A perceived need or benefit for keeping the soul tie
  3. Fear of a negative consequence of breaking the soul tie.

3. Prayers for Releasing Negative beliefs/lies/bitter root judgements

  1. Lord, I confess and repent of my sin of agreeing with the lie that _______________________________ and for the ways I have judged others and/or institutions based on this lie. Forgive me for believing this lie. I receive Your forgiveness. I forgive myself.
  2. I forgive __________________ for any way they have wounded me or helped me to believe that this was so.
  3. I bring this judgment to Your Cross, Lord, and ask You to bring it to death. I also ask that You bring to death any reaping and sowing that may still be going on in my life as a result of this judgement and the expectancies that accompany it.

4. Prayer for Breaking Inner Vows

  1. Lord, I confess making and holding the inner vow of ______________________________________________.
  2. Lord, I ask You to forgive me for making and holding this inner vow. I repent of making and holding this vow.
  3. I now renounce making and holding this vow of ______________________________________________.
  4. Prayer Minister: “ In the Name of Jesus, I forgive your and God forgives you for making and holding these inner vows and for any way these vows have hindered your relationship with God and others. In the name of Jesus Christ, I now speak to every part of you: your mind, your body, your spirit, and your emotions. You are no longer bound to act according to this (these) vows.” Asking God to speak to the lie and to the vow: “Lord, You have heard what ___________believes and how they chose to cope with this lie.

    What is the truth about this lie they have believed and the vows they have made. “ State the belief and the vow. Check with the client for concerns or objections once they have heard from God. “How do you feel about what God has said?” Look for more negative beliefs in their answers and then pray, “Lord, what do you have to say about this?” Continue this process until there is complete peace.

Prayer Asking God What to Do When Lie Resurfaces

  1. “Lord, now that You have spoken your truth to this lie, what do You want them to do when the lie returns?” Let them stay quiet and receive their answer from the Lord.
  2. Lead client in the prayer: “I accept and affirm the truth that you have spoken to me that ___________________. And when I find I am once again tempted to believe this lie, I choose to remember what the Lord spoke and act upon it.”

5. Healing Through Divine Pictures

Guidelines for Prayer Ministers:
  • The key here is to be a coach for the client. You do not have to hear their story. It is not necessary to receive the healing.
  • If the initial scene is too intense, let Jesus take them to a safe place in the memory just after the trauma occurred.
  • Repeat their key words: “You are on the playground.” Pray: “Lord, anoint their eyes to see you.” Ask, “What is happening?”
  • Do not pressure them. “Lord, thank you that there is no pressure here. Relax, as a little child and look to see where Jesus is.”
  • Repeat after them to encourage them. “You see your mother in the kitchen. . .That’s good, what else do you see?”
  • For each scene, affirm what you know to be true. “Lord, You were there in that troubling scene. Jesus, please, show us where you were.
  • Keep affirming that it is all about Jesus and not them.
  • Keep them tuned to the memory. Do not end too soon. Let them have complete peace in what God has revealed to them.
  • If they cannot see Jesus in the memory, look for the reason: guardian lie, inner vow, (IE not to see, connect with God), or a misunderstanding about seeing or sensing God’s presence.
  • Prayer When Memory Work is Finished
    “Lord, when this memory returns, to what safe place do You want them to go?” Ask the client to watch where Jesus is taking them.
    Prayer for client: “Lord, I thank You for this safe place. Give me the grace to return here with You whenever any negative aspects of this memory tries to return.”

    6 Prayer for Breaking Word Curses

    1. I confess and repent for receiving the word curse stating the “I____________________.” I release any anger or resentment against You, God, for allowing this in my life.
    2. I forgive and release___________________ (self and others) for speaking this over me. I ask You, God, to forgive me. I receive Your forgiveness. I forgive myself for coming into agreement with these curses.
    3. I joyfully accept the divine exchange Christ made for me on the cross of Calvary. I break this curse over me right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I choose to receive His divine blessing of _____________ (the opposite)to replace this curse.
    4. Prayer Minister: “In the name of Jesus I forgive you and God forgives you. I speak to your mind, your will, your spirit and your emotions to no longer be affected by these curses.”

    7. Casting Down Spiritual Strongholds

    Lord, what other evil spirits may be present in this stronghold of ______________(i.e. heart issue from page 1) that I am struggling with?” (See hints for prayer ministers below)

    Prayer for Casting Away Evil Spirits
    1. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I set my heart and my will against you (spirit). I hate you and what you have done in my life. I renounce and break all agreements with the spirits present in this stronghold of ________, _______________, etc.
    2. I take authority over these spirits of the stronghold of __________________and I bind you and command you to leave me now in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer Minister: “I speak to spirits in the stronghold of ___________, ___________, and ____________. I order you to detach from one another and from the person and to shrink. I order you to leave this person now in the Name of the true Lord Jesus Christ. ‘At the Name of Jesus every knee must bow. ‘ You must leave now. Loose ________ in the name of Jesus.”

    3. Guidelines for Prayer Ministers:
      • Always begin with a prayer of confession of prayer minister’s sins, prayer to cover yourself and all persons present, your families, pets and property with the Blood of Jesus. Silence all lying spirits and bind all blocking and hindering spirits. Reaffirm that you are hidden in Christ.
      • Search through the negative beliefs and inner vows naming the evil spirits according to the emotion or sin they personify. Group them into related groups. Number the groups according to their strength. Begin with the weakest groups and proceed to the strongest.
      • Make sure the stronghold is thoroughly dismantled and that the evil spirit’s anchors are completely pulled up by praying through the above five prayers. This separates you from the lies in which the spirits are anchored.
      • Tell person to communicate all thoughts entering mind with the prayer minister and to tell them what they are feeling. In about half the cases, they will feel something physically.
      • Describe pictorially how the person is going to feel when spiritual stronghold is dismantled. (Example, Thank You, God, that when this spirit of hate is gone, ________ will be able to feel love, peace and joy again. She will be able to rest in the Lord.)
      • Once the spiritual stronghold is dismantled, ask the Lord with what He wants to replace it. (Example: The client may report, “The Lord is filling me with faith. . .”)

      If the evil spirits resist,

      1. Go through renouncing, repenting, and setting their heart against the evil spirits again.
      2. Ask, “What is this spirit attached to?” or “Lord, show us what legal right this evil spirit has to stay?” Tune into flow and receive the answer from the Holy Spirit. Then, using the appropriate prayer approach, remove this anchor so he will readily be cast away.
      3. Look for what the person believes will happen if they let go of the evil spirits. What is the payback they are getting from embracing the spirits. (Example: My anger gives me power.) Or what is the negative result of letting go of the spirits. (Example: They will hurt my family.) Important: Ask Jesus to speak to these beliefs. Do not try to convince them in your own wisdom or strength.
      4. Check to see if the person has actually forgiven those involved in hurting them.

      Prayer Following Total Dismantling of Stronghold

      “Lord, we thank You for setting this captive free. We ask that You seal this work. In Your name, we bless ___________ and speak to their brain breaking the old pathways created by these generational sins, unhealthy soul ties, lies, inner vows, traumatic memories, and word curses. We ask You to create new pathways, new synapsis, in which these new truths will flow. May the healing You have brought them today result in a deeper more loving relationship with You, others and even with themselves. May they know You more deeply as their Savior. May they now be able to embrace the purposes for which they were created. Amen.”

      Prayer to experience the Spirit of the Life in Christ Jesus

      1. God, the power to overcome the sin of _________________is in You, the One Who lives in me. It is all about You, Lord, and Your power at work in me.
      2. I turn away from my self-effort to overcome this sin, and embrace the power of the Holy Spirit Who flows within me.
      3. Jesus, I release the flow of the power of the Holy Spirit out through me, to overcome completely the sin of ______________ (Use vision seeing this happen.)

      Some Common Groupings of Evil Spirits
      These groupings are not complete.
      They are here to aid you in discovering the evil spirits comprising strongholds.

      ACCUSATION Judging Criticism Faultfinding
      ADDICTION Nicotine Alcohol Drugs Medications Caffeine Gluttony
      AFFECTATION Theatrics Playacting Sophistication Pretension
      BITTERNESS Resentment Hatred Unforgiveness Violence Temper Anger Retaliation Murder
      CONFUSION Frustration Incoherence Forgetfulness Circular Reasoning
      COMPETITION Driving Argument Pride Ego
      CONTROL Possessiveness Dominance Witchcraft
      COVETOUSNESS Stealing Kleptomania Material Lust Greed Discontent
      CURSING Blasphemy Coarse Jesting Gossip Criticism Backbiting Mockery Belittling Railing
      DEATH DEPRESSION Despair Despondency Discouragement Defeatism Dejection Suicide Hopelessness Death Insomnia Morbidity
      DOUBT Unbelief Skepticism
      ESCAPE Indifference Stoicism Passivity Sleepiness Alcohol Drugs
      FALSE BURDEN False responsibility False compassion
      FATIGUE Tiredness Weariness Laziness
      FEARS (ALL KINDS) Phobias (all kinds) Hysteria
      FEAR OF AUTHORITY Lying Deceit
      GRIEF Crying Sadness Cruel Sorrow Heartache Heartbreak
      GUILT Condemnation Unworthiness Embarrassment
      GLUTTONY Nervousness Compulsive Eating Resentment Frustration Idleness Self-pity Self-reward
      HEAVINESS Burden Gloom Disgust
      HYPERACTIVITY Restlessness Driving Pressure
      INDECISION Procrastination Compromise Confusion Forgetfulness Indifference
      INHERITANCE Physical Emotional Mental Curses
      IMPATIENCE Agitation Frustration Intolerance Resentment Criticism
      MIND-BINDING Confusion Fear of Man Fear of Failure Occult Spirits Spiritism Spirits
      INFIRMITY may include any sickness or disease
      INSECURITY Inferiority Self-pity loneliness Timidity Shyness Inadequacy Ineptness
      JEALOUSY Envy Distrust Suspicion Selfishness
      MENTAL ILLNESS Insanity Madness Mania Retardation Senility Schizophrenia Paranoia Hallucinations
      MIND IDOLATRY Intellectualism Rationalization Pride Ego Humanism
      NERVOUSNESS Tension Headache Nervous habits Restlessness Excitement Insomnia Roving Striving
      PARANOIA Jealousy Envy Suspicion Distrust Fears Persecution Confrontation
      PASSIVITY Funk Indifference Listlessness Lethargy
      PERFECTION Pride Vanity Ego Frustration Criticism Irritability Intolerance Anger
      PERSECUTION Unfairness Fear of Judgement Fear of Condemnation Fear of Accusation Fear of Reproof Sensitivity
      PRIDE Ego Vanity Self-righteousness Haughtiness Importance Arrogance
      REBELLION Self-will Stubbornness Disobedience Anti-submissiveness
      RELIGIOSITY Legalism Rigidity Self-righteousness Judgement Condemnation
      REJECTION Self-rejection
      RETALIATION Destruction Spite Hatred Sadism Hurt Cruelty
      SELF-ACCUSATION Self-hatred Self-condemnation
      SELF-DECEPTION Self-delusion Self-seduction Pride
      SENSITIVITY Self-awareness Fear of man Fear of disapproval
      STRIFE Contention Bickering Argument Quarreling Fighting
      VICTIM Self-pity Bitterness Entitlement Embellishment
      WITHDRAWAL Pouting Daydreaming Fantasy Pretension Unreality
      WORRY Anxiety Fear Dread Apprehension

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By: Mark Virkler

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