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Battle of Bloodriver - Slag van Bloedrivier - Peter Hammond - Frontline Fellowship

I Listened today to the Bloodriver mp3 given by Peter Hammond by Frontline Fellowship. This is an out standing mp3 and definitely worth listening to if have interest in Southern Africa.

Not be confused with extreme Afrikaaner nationalism which followed later, it is not a sign of the Afrikaaner might, but of God’s faithfulness to those who trust in Him. God did something wonderful here.

Peter Hammond touches on God’s hand in the moving of the ‘Voortrekkers’ (Pioneers) into the Natal, the similarities between the Zulu defeat at Blood river and the defeat of the Vikings in 1066 with King Alfred the Great. Why the covenant by the ‘Voortrekkers’ are for all South Africans – Afrikaans, English, Zulu and others. God’s hand in letting Protestantism flow into the interior of South Africa. God’s hand in destroying tyrants like Dingaan.

This history has been stolen and distorted by humanism/communism/nationalism and other who would like to rewrite history and write God’s hand out of history.

You can download the whole

  MP3 file to download  Blood River mp3 here on www.propheticvoice.co.uk  MP3 file to download

OR watch it on YouTube.com

Video 1

Video 2

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By: came from a CD by Peter Hammond from Frontline Fellowship

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