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what about Lucy?

Ok what about Lucy and the human skeletons they ve found Lucy is a 3 foot monkey skeleton that they have declared to be the skeleton of an intermediate stage of evolutionary development
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Peacock - Created to show Gods Beauty

The sight of a feather in a peacocks tail whenever I gaze at it makes me sick wrote Charles Darwin to botanist Asa Gray on April 3 1860 His comments arent surprising Aft
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Gods 6000 year plan dating Jesus latest return

Has God given man 6000 years to rule himself before Jesus returns to take over Many Christians think the Bible teaches this and they use leverage it to predict the year of Jesus Second Coming But i
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For some reason which I
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What the Evolutionists dont tell their children

What evolutionist not tell their children evolution is a naturalistic religion there is not super natural no spiritual world people live
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Philosophy of life in the universe

The following conversation arises between me and Ben Ben is a typical European Australian Kiwi type His thought process and argum