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The Harbinger - Rabbi Cahn


0:02shallow everybody
0:05off the money was jonathan karl and uh...
0:08publicity rabbi of that israel and garfield's and i just don't have an
0:12introduction and i will pray
0:16the ministry also represented that if you want to get in touch or anything
0:20like that or we have a lot of teachings the messages or to receive free things
0:24our contact at a scope of the world box one one one one
0:27lodi hello t_i_ new jersey oh seven four one uh... located that now one thing
0:32different this year
0:34is that i'll marry
0:38i was
0:39two weeks ago
0:41and i would have loved to invite you all to be there really which we might have a
0:45uh... but since it's only two weeks you are all part of the honeymoon so
0:50people asked how's marriage
0:52i'll answer that
0:54it's a mystery
0:56i'm still working on it if i can get it all to a message on it but i don't have
1:00it yet
1:02uh... i want to introduce my new bride renata these
1:13now just a note before we break i'd
1:15his world this is all of this period it goes as extended uh... goes into
1:20of the little part of lunch so that they stagger it so but to say if you have to
1:25leave please uh... i'd recommend that you would rather now on because it a
1:30little progress to a thing but allied we uh... you'll be blessed because of the
1:34less people at the time you get there but we want to have a little time of
1:37prayer at the end i think it's a very important
1:40uh... on that employees some century-old biblical
1:43lithograph secure hopefully the images come out
1:46also a greatly anointed violinists uh...
1:49less morrison uh... as well has said that uh... as he's led by the lord may
1:53just start playing and so he's wonderful he's very anointed
1:57as the lord leads
1:58on and at the end we'll have some progress let's let's open up with the
2:01word of prayer
2:05war just thank you for this time we thank you lord to be able to gather in
2:09your presence we thank you that you are here
2:12we thank you for your presence florida among last we asked more attacks uh...
2:16lord you would just speak lord i ask in my weakness p strong in your strength
2:21fletcher people deliver your words lord and have your way with the words that is
2:26delivered we presume we thank you for everything in the name of the issue of
2:31or how long will vote yes i have the light of the world the glory of israel
2:40the word of the lord came to me saying
2:43son of man speak to your countrymen and say to them when i bring the sword
2:50today i'm gonna share something i've only very critical very pivotal
2:54as important as any message i could share
2:57the theme of this conference is scale of alleged the set time has come
3:02this is not going to be a typical messenger maybe a teaching you might
3:05have expected
3:07like the sound of a show for it may not be pleasant it's jolting it's a wake-up
3:11call but it is important as it had to leave it is the most prophetic message
3:16for this day
3:17i don't believe it's been shared before and it is very critical
3:21on the walls of the ancient city stood the watchmen
3:25with a show for it is and looking out into the distance
3:28diligent sober alert while the city's slaps
3:31looking for the first sign of danger
3:34the first line of approaching army every clumsy lifts off the show forty sounds
3:38the law
3:39so his city cannot wake up in these days
3:42this past november the engine a harris northeast regional conference uh... by
3:47new york city i was asked to give the saturday night message the speaker
3:51chosen come on before was gary calm of the jos project became any
3:55was introducing us
3:56and he said he used a verse from isaiah as you speak about the project seasick
3:59never slows i have placed watchmen on your walls
4:04right after that dance team came up
4:06from it is related to the dance in hebrew other hebrew words to it and they
4:11deeper words were from isaiah the same verse i at least watchmen on your walls
4:17and i think in a message and the key verse was i have placed washington on
4:21your walls
4:23and the residents call the watching at the gates
4:25the watchmen would stand on the post of the city although ramparts the gate at
4:30the city at his lookout post for the first sign of danger
4:33and the lord was bombarding us with this message them the the ways of god are
4:37amazing because god had placed the conference
4:40on the waterfront looking across new york city which is the gate of america
4:45and the place where we were was lowered new york city which is the key to the
4:48god placed us on the watchmen supposed at the gate of the nation the very gates
4:53and when i went to my room i i found the hotel magazine that was called they call
4:57the whole place called the gateway
4:59and we were right in front of me were right looking over directly across from
5:03ground zero
5:05in fact the underground train that comes from ground zero goes right to the to
5:09the building next door hotel
5:11it was the closest place we could have gotten we were right at the gate at that
5:15time that we can out we began a project called the watchmen
5:19and the same the word once i have placed watchmen on your walls a few months
5:24an album came out from paul wilbur you probably know it was sent across the
5:27country was called but watching them
5:29which is to be to the watchmen on the walls looking out
5:33there's the word for it now which is the watchmen and
5:36risk-averse and generate now informers is from a z kill thirty three of the
5:40word aboard came to
5:42the profit ezekiel
5:45speak to your countrymen and say to them when i bring this sword against alliance
5:49and the people that ranch is one of them and and make him there watching
5:53and he sees the floor coming into the land and sounds the show part of war and
5:56the people if anyone here's the show far doesn't take warning and the sword comes
6:00and takes his life his blood will be on his own head
6:02he heard the sound of a stroke or heat intake warning his blood will be on is
6:06anti taken when you were to save his life
6:08but the watchmen sees the sword coming and does not sound the show for it when
6:12the people in the sword comes and takes a little either one of them that man
6:16will be taken away because of this in but i will hold the watchmen accountable
6:21there only two nations in his dream in world history founded and dedicated
6:27from the reception upon god
6:29they are israel
6:31in america
6:32i was just there in jamestown the first foundation of american civilization
6:36i saw the plaque
6:38with charter
6:39warning america ought to follow cod or be removed
6:43america like ancient israel was called to be a light to the nation's
6:47it was founded as a new israel
6:49and like ancient israel
6:51we would be blessed we followed god but if we did not we would
6:57the standard is higher because too much is given much is required
7:01there's accountability more profound the judgment is more severe
7:04america like h in israel has largely for partisan gone
7:10we have
7:11from the world's largest exporter of pornography around the world
7:16we have become the leader of the avenue of homosexuality
7:19we have like ancient israel offered up our children now about fifty million
7:23children have been killed in a moment
7:27i was working on this project in november and i had to go to ground zero
7:32and i was walking the breadth of it and know that the an and seeing it and some
7:35things started coming out my heart
7:38and began to unfold as something which i believe is very clear and start from god
7:43to understand this
7:44i go back to a half hours in years
7:46ancient israel
7:48israel had departed from god and was in deep apostasy
7:51it was turning away from god god was sending profits to them
7:55and hope god finally removed it's protected that she allowed enemies to
8:00rise up
8:01syria came
8:02ungodly powers game but he had to allow
8:05this initial attack to wake them up and so if you're a came in and invaded the
8:09northern part of a man
8:11but instead of being warrants
8:13instead of coming to repentance they defied the judgment they posted against
8:17it in a word came from god which is going to be the word here
8:21through the profit isaiah the word comes a few verses down from the christmas
8:25paris that we all know
8:27isaiah nine verse eight says this
8:30the lord sends a message against jacob anat falls upon israel
8:33and all the people now
8:35f ramming the inhabitants of severe you stay in the pride and arrogance of heart
8:39the break-up falling down
8:42but we will rebuild
8:45cut stones
8:46this trip to mars have been fallen but we will replace them with cedars
8:52now before i try to move this to us
8:55so important to examine these words
8:58the boy was god finally removes the hedge but he allows this only to happen
9:03on a limited scale there is a destruction but it's on a limited scale
9:07then he gives them a halo eight time period grace period
9:10to turn back to him or to continue its rebellion
9:14eyes dad says
9:16factor is that what has happened is
9:19that people have said well the bricks have fallen by the we will we will
9:23rebuild with stronger things with stones
9:26the fed to more than cut down the we will plan feeders we will build by this
9:30i look at the mall classic commentaries about this verse
9:34and some newer ones that have been a very critical asha listen to what it
9:37says the system for proof
9:39very relevant the classic commentary of colin villages and about the birds
9:43as the first stage of the judgment has been found like notre conversions
9:47enjoyable about the almighty judge
9:49they will come on the second
9:51new bottles out of the reasons to laugh
9:53fax may put harding to an audience
9:56but its refusal to obey the what the symptoms of mine nothing then can avert
10:00interest while others what part of our room judgment is yet to pull on
10:07bible knowledge commentary says even
10:10this judgment it not appease god's wrath because the people continue to refuse to
10:14deal with your since of god would continue
10:16the chastised them
10:18every commentary
10:19again and again says this was the first warning but the nation
10:23turned away from god
10:25mentioned that there was impending judgment
10:27papa colorless to act into lippert defiance of the almighty
10:32worse than anything else
10:34and therefore nothing then converts impending judgments
10:38uses that matthew henry said
10:40of this verse the lord warns before you want to try to call these people back
10:45but if they do not there will come grader
10:49and there was nothing left for israel then when they turned away from the
10:53there was nothing left
10:54but for god to bring of greater devastation up on the land
10:58and ultimate judgment
11:01is a very dangerous situation and a scary one
11:05now what i'd just outlined the
11:08harbingers people said what harbinger carpenter is like a norman a warning
11:13uh... it is a sign
11:15i'll have something to come
11:16eight harbingers of judgment in this person that i'm going to bring you a
11:20very emotional
11:21for the first attack on the nation the first harbinger was the great have
11:27in ancient times bridge to work
11:29week there is fun driving off in war even dates
11:31they were mixed which with strong they were very poor building materials easy
11:36to break
11:37side of the first invasion
11:39is that there is damage but on a limited scale the bricks have fall in the first
11:44harbinger of the judgment
11:46the second harbinger
11:48but we will
11:51that is that even though god is trying to get our attention and he is trying to
11:56turn us back from our sins we will till five years
11:59we will rebuild
12:01we will undo the judgment
12:03and we won't we will alternately the third beter harbinger we will rebuild
12:08we will you may take down our breaks but we will build with strong stone you made
12:12cut down our sycamore tree but we will plan strong cedars in them
12:16so we will build stronger that commentary say
12:19they both did they would build bigger and better and stronger their arrogance
12:23they say
12:24in the arrogance of their heart that's that's a very dangerous thing then
12:27judgment cannot be a averted before the harbinger
12:31the human
12:34the brits have fallen but we will rebuild with hewlett stone
12:38this is all that it speaking about are still do not made of clay but they are
12:42caught and quorry out of the mountains
12:45these are the stalls that built the temple on the walls of jerusalem
12:48you may take down our brains but then we will replace them with hot
12:52marido stole
12:54the fifth harbinger
12:55of judgment the spirit of the finest it's amazing how almost every commentary
13:00speaks about
13:01says this phrase spirit of defiance cody's judging the spirit of defiance
13:06spirit up defines
13:09the stakes are venture
13:10the sycamore trade has become more has been cut down the bible
13:15sycamore tree was a kind of featuring a fifty sycamore as it needs
13:19it's the fig mulberry tree we get the word sycamore meets big mulberry
13:23they grew in the outer fields they work on a poor plans they were comment
13:27they were cut down by the irs syrians when they came in on their first
13:31inpatient it's difficult morris had fallen
13:36the next harbinger of judgment the cedar
13:39the sycamore seven cut down but we will take the cedars the strong cedars
13:44the song the strong feeders of lebanon and we will take the strong trees and we
13:49will plant them in their place so nobody can cut down our trees again
13:54the cedar
13:55and that finally v_-eight harbinger
13:58is the valve the words themselves
14:02luv leaders of the nation's a fabrics have fallen but we will rebuild with
14:06these talks a little sycamore double we will we will
14:10he's stronger yet
14:11with cedars
14:12these are
14:13eight harbingers of the judgment of ancient israel
14:17in reaction to the first incursion and the beginning now
14:21what does that have to do with us
14:23what does this have to do anything
14:25september eleventh
14:27two thousand one
14:29america was shaken by an enemy attacked the destruction of the twin towers the
14:33world trade center new york city the pentagon
14:36the american economy
14:37culture business ground to a whole we are still living in a shadow
14:41what was it was that a divine wake-up call was an accident
14:46was at the beginning of something was a dog the warning was a assigned as
14:50god-given aside
14:51answer is yes
14:52in the wake of nine eleven i was praying for america
14:55for god's voice in message-id open up the bible and opened up to liza and
14:59opened up
14:59to the moment in israel's history when there had been an initial
15:03invasion that god allowed as you wake up call to america
15:07i read it scott spoke of a syria
15:09the people who are you who are used in this and he said
15:12well to the assyrian barrada of my anger
15:15he was saying though a cereal is on godly
15:18god it was using it to chastise his nation
15:21i send him against copters nation
15:24to trample them
15:26when the lord has finished i will punish the king of a syria
15:30does the axe raise itself above those who swing it
15:33it was the beginning of the judgment of israel through evil people but god
15:36allowed it to wake up his people
15:39and later on i looked across the page of that that i had all things when i pray
15:43that week of nine eleven
15:45and i saw these words the bricks have fallen down but we will rebuild sp
15:49with close to home
15:51the sycamore has been cut down but we will rebuild with us either
15:55and also they have got it
15:57minister in new york city was praying that week about september eleven he got
16:00the very same scripture
16:03is this the beginning of judgment is the beginning of god calling also something
16:08i want to look at the revelation of this scripture
16:11and now to take it to a whole new thing
16:13the first harbingers of fallen bricks
16:16the first sign of of the beginning of judgment
16:18ground zero was filled with twisted steel and glass with something else the
16:23associated press writer richard files that were three months the sixty acres
16:26cycle of the post-world war two berlin
16:29reduced to piles of bricks
16:32another one row tons of twisted metal bricks and ashes another of glass and
16:38the second harbinger the call to rebuild instead of being humbled by it are
16:42seeking the lord
16:44the call to rebuild will soon after nine eleven came the call to rebuild it was
16:48going to be called the freedom tower
16:51it was the beginning of the rebuilding of ground zero of new york city in
16:55in fact these words were posted over the rooms on new icon
16:59wilson rise above lower manhattan skyline called
17:02the freedom tower
17:04interesting intercepted legend version the ancient greek translation of the
17:08hebrew scriptures
17:10when it translates this verse from isaiah it says this it says the bricks
17:14are falling down a but we will build for ourselves but our
17:18let us build a talent
17:20the third arbiter they vowed to rebuild the bigger and better and stronger than
17:26the commentaries specifically use the birth of the words is the world
17:29now to rebuild bigger and better
17:32well the leaders all of us america up new york city and that new york state
17:37they came they gathered at ground zero and they made a valve
17:40they said we will build this great freedom tower
17:43it will be bigger and better
17:45that we will show the world that we stand taller than ever
17:49the the past few months this all made headlines the controversy were building
17:53a ground zero a man came into it called donald trump
17:57with his old plan to rebuild and this is what he said specifically he said
18:01i wanna see the world trade center built maybe a storyteller
18:05we should have the world trade center figure
18:08and better
18:10the fourth harbinger is the clots soul
18:13in hebrew the word is gone seats but does need to stolen again as i said
18:17becomes a word
18:19it was quarried stone out of the mountain wrecked speak rectangular
18:23blocks of massive stone
18:25and that the thing is they took the stone
18:27and install it was the was to become the symbol of the rebuilding other israel we
18:32will rebuild upon this
18:34on july fourth two thousand four just last year
18:38and object was lowered by crane onto the site of ground zero
18:43it was installed
18:44the leaders of the city waiting for the stone to come down it was the beginning
18:47of the rebuilding of ground zero
18:51and it was called they called it the freedom stone the first of all of the
18:56the scriptures that the first of all we're ok rebuild with does detect
18:59cut quorry stone mountain rock
19:02it so happened that this doled out was lowered down the was does each stone
19:06it was the stone of qua read out of the mountains of new york
19:11c_n_n_ did a story on a authored many stories on it
19:14it's that they were laying the symbolic ceremony the laying of a twenty ton
19:17granite cornerstone quorry human from the adirondack mountains
19:23the governor visited install they made a big gigantic uh... ceremony about the
19:28and they raised it new york's mayor michael bloomberg said
19:31by laying this magnificent cornerstone
19:34we are sending a message to people around the world
19:37stated as the leaders
19:38that israel it is because they did this stone will forever remain of symbolic
19:44further a building of new york
19:46and the nation's all based upon this stone
19:49the fifth harbinger
19:51the spirit of defiance though commentaries
19:54go over and over again this is all about a nation in the
19:57in lieu of god's hand with the spirit of defiance specifically those words the
20:01spirit of defiance
20:03well on that day that they laid the cornerstone
20:07as they did that
20:09governor george pataki of of new york said this listen to this season on the
20:14day that as the cornerstone was being late in the ground
20:17he said
20:18today levy heirs of that revolutionary
20:21spirit of defiance
20:24laid this cornerstone
20:26lady this cornerstone
20:28the six harbinger
20:29the sycamore tree
20:31the sycamore tree well i think that you know with that we should be pretty safe
20:35because they don't grow the biblical sycamore tree does not grow in new york
20:38or in these areas
20:40the bible dole records the sycamore treating struck down a sauna judgment
20:44even says in egypt the sycamore tree was struck down as a sign of judgment
20:49on september eleventh of freak event happens
20:51in the devastation
20:53i'll still be in the from the north tower was hurled from the start
20:57at the tower
20:58fallon went through the air and struck down an objects
21:02was a tree
21:04the next day the people return to ground zero they found it relying on the
21:09pierced by the premium of appalling talent
21:12there at ground zero
21:14was aids sycamore trees
21:16struck down
21:18he was the western version of the sycamore tree
21:21literally named after the tree in the bible
21:24after the tree of isaiah nine
21:26the harbinger of judgment the sycamore has pauline
21:30and strains your the the people made this big thing of it
21:34they made a display of it they displayed the tree not realizing what it was in
21:38the bible
21:39and they put it if they put it on display all torn up it's rooted to pose
21:43a very strange thing asset to draw more
21:45extension to the side
21:47and a sculpture was commissioned to take the fall in sycamore tree and make a
21:51cast of it
21:52and portly poured metal into the cast e_-cash students a bronze the purple
21:56gold medal of judgment
21:58and even now it's being worked on a bronze image of the fallen sycamore
22:03the harbinger of judgment
22:04and the plans to display it
22:06onto wall street
22:08is significant because wall street optimizes america's financial prosperity
22:13but if we can
22:14with something called the buttonwood agreement that state was a contract they
22:19did to start the new york stock exchange in the eighteenth century
22:22buttonwood is another name four the sycamore trees
22:26they first bat under a sycamore tree to start the new york stock exchange
22:31and now they will be a symbol of a fallen sycamore street trick-or-treat on
22:35wall street
22:37on the same grounded zero
22:39you had three uh... before harbingers the fallen breaks
22:43the hot 'cause deport quorry still on
22:46and you had this fall and sycamore street struck down in the first attack
22:50but there's one more
22:51there was the cedar tree
22:53this event harbinger
22:54the cedar tree in the bible
22:57the word is the ad as yet as tree
23:00the sycamore stuff although we will replace them with theaters we will put
23:03feeders in their place
23:06the theater wise
23:08grown in lebanon we all know the the cedars of lebanon but they don't know if
23:13they do not grow in our parts of the world so we are a state that would seem
23:17the hebrew word for this bill as i said was and as it means that we are strong
23:21tree was not only of the cedar of lebanon accused of other trees
23:24it means a strong
23:26sherie vieira street as leader of lebanon is classified as a conifer tree
23:32it's woody headstrong is evergreen
23:35it belongs to that they don't see a family of treason patni delightfully
23:40visit has upped columns it is a pine tree
23:44and it's as though they were saying the sycamore okay but we are gonna put a
23:47tree that cannot be struck down but the word is a mystery
23:50of the panacea family
23:52well two years after september eleventh at the end of two thousand three a
23:56strange sight was seen on ground zero
23:59of crane a different grain was lowering a different objects
24:03the object was being lowered to a place where there had been all hold a ground
24:06it was being laid over the place with a fallen sycamore tree
24:09had been struck down
24:11and the object that was being lowered down was a tree
24:14it would have a natural to replace the sycamore tree with a sycamore trees but
24:17instead of just as we replace it with an as tree
24:21the object lowered was senate at a restaurant
24:24eight conifer tree
24:25the same as the cedar lebanon
24:27an evergreen the state of the city of lebanon helpline tree analogy
24:32dodge it was a country of the panacea family
24:36that was who sister tree to the tree uphold the cedar of lebanon
24:41the same exact family came down to put the evidence tree on where the
24:46sycamore had grown
24:47the sycamore has been struck down but we will replace it
24:51with history
24:54now that would be enough but there's actually more
24:58that first of all
25:00the first of all this first of all
25:02interesting garden in the in the
25:04for such a reading
25:05you actually see nubra parallelism which is that in the bible and often of versus
25:10batch by another verse that rhymes info
25:13and so it says
25:14it matches the fallen breaks in the polls sycamore together and they both
25:18were found the day after nine eleven in the rooms and then you have the two
25:22other things which are replaced which or the cedar tree and the
25:25because the human stone they are together well they were together also
25:29because they were both lowered by crain's
25:31they both had a ceremonies surrounding them they both
25:34correlated label these icons what was called the stolen of freedom the other
25:38was called the tree appol
25:40and they have the ceremony as the tree came down
25:43and there was that there was a clergymen there
25:46and this is what he said as the tree as that she was coming to where the
25:49sycamore what he said we are gathered here today on holy ground
25:53ground hallowed by its witness to the doston death and destruction of
25:56september eleventh
25:57the grounded sanctified by our presence here as we dedicate this trio
26:01it witness to the divine that within each of us
26:04it replaces a sycamore trees destroyed on september eleven two thousand and one
26:09by the collapsing towers
26:11our prayer is that this ground zero three of hope will be assigned
26:15a sign of the indomitable nature of human home
26:18as we walk this hallowed ground made history vienna icon
26:23of hope assembled
26:25the press
26:26the press cut carried the story they said it replaces a sycamore distraught
26:30on september eleventh
26:31by the collapsing towers not realizing they were echoing the words of isaiah
26:35deceptive or has fallen but we have put cedars
26:38in their place
26:40the a side and has this profound enough but there's more
26:43the ultimate harbinger is the valve the words themselves of the leader of the
26:47nation the leaders of the land
26:49it was a valid arrogance when you hear people or the leaders in the land
26:53following the same words you know what you are living at the time of impending
26:58now this is uncanny at the end of november of two thousand three the tree
27:02came down that
27:04to replace the sycamore
27:05seventh month later the quorry stone came down on the ruins of ground zero
27:10two months after that was complete last year
27:13in between this conference in the last conference in september
27:16there was a presidential election
27:18and the democratic candidate for vice president was john edwards
27:22he was speaking in washington d_c_ attic outer ring it was september eleventh the
27:26third anniversary of the devastation
27:28and since it was a prayer breakfast eachother scripture
27:30which you link to the events of september eleventh he's now are his
27:34on september eleven the last year speaking of what happened on america's
27:38dave colonialism
27:39washington d_c_
27:41good morning
27:42today on this day of remembrance in morning we have the lord's word
27:49the bricks have fallen
27:51but we will build
27:54weeds to rest alls this sycamore seven qaj down but we will put cedars in their
28:03of all the thousands of scriptures he could have chosen eachothers wat
28:07obscured verse from isaiah
28:09which even most
28:10believers don't know not realizing what he was saying
28:14it was a scripture of judgments
28:17marking it he linked it to september eleven is that it was the lord's word
28:20two oz
28:21in realize it
28:22and then
28:23then he basically a whole speech on this scripture
28:27the state goes on to say let me show you how we are building
28:31and putting theaters in those three hallowed places
28:34the powers the pentagon in the field walk with me through this day and you
28:38will see that while those bricks val
28:40and this sycamore struck down
28:41our people are making those cedars arrives
28:45and he calls with each time that bell tolls it calls us to a greater purpose
28:49too never forget it calls to always remember
28:51when we walked together this day that the cedar is will rise
28:55and the stones will go
28:58now here is we're not even knowing that there was an actual sycamore trees
29:02struck down
29:03or a stolen
29:04remove a put down again that would be enough but there is even more
29:09you see that you see that scripture in isaiah
29:12speaks up when the assyrian said come in a god had lifted h
29:17and that leaders of the nation had said it before they did anything right at the
29:21devastation is that ok we see the devastation but this is our val
29:25we will to apply this we will go five
29:29these are words that are about to in the woods office said in the wake of
29:32destruction well
29:34in the wake of destruction september eleventh it came
29:37the next day it was september twelfth that was the day after that was the day
29:41at the wake of destruction
29:43the nation looked at the damage it issued its first response
29:47and the first response to the nation was said from the capitol building in
29:50washington d_c_ was given by their head
29:52of the united states senate representing the congress and the people it was the
29:57majority leader tom daschle
29:59congress will work out a joint resolution statement to respond to nine
30:04this response will be the words of the nation and the leaders in the wake of
30:07this avent as
30:08three thousand years before they were a prophetic words
30:12now listen to the words spoken of florida united states senate by its
30:16leader going forth from washington the world what should i do yours on the most
30:20unwittingly prophetic words ever spoken on capitol hill
30:24in the panels on congress floor statement by senate majority leader tom
30:28daschle a joint resolution of condemnation
30:30on yesterday's attacks the morning of september twelfth
30:33two thousand one
30:35it's with pain sorrow anger and resolve i stand before the senate a symbol for
30:39two hundred and twelve years of the strength of our democracy
30:42and say that america will emerge from this tragedy as we have always emerged
30:45these attacks on assault on our people on the american community i am outraged
30:50last night we send a message to the world but even the face of such power
30:53the n_a_s_ acts
30:54the doors of them are still not close this joint resolution we lay down today
30:58missus attacked the world should know the members of both parties in both
31:01houses ten united i'd know there's only the smallest measure of inspiration
31:05but to be taken from the statistician bikes
31:08there is a passage in the bible
31:12from isaiah
31:14that i think speaks to all of us
31:17at times like this
31:20the bricks have fallen
31:22but we will rebuild
31:24which arrests stones
31:26the fate reports sycamore
31:28have been fouled but we will replace them with leaders
31:33this is what we will do we will rebuilds
31:38there he speaks it he says this is the lord speak it speaks to our time not
31:42knowing that on that very day
31:44they were actually discovering the fallen sycamore tree
31:48not knowing that they would actually replace this with what the bible says in
31:53not knowing any of that
31:54the harbinger
31:56was one year ago this week on july fourth
31:59when that storm was lowered into ground zero on america's birthday
32:04but america
32:05was born not on july fourth it was conceived on july fourth
32:10but the clue america's birth was given in that speech by tom daschle on
32:15september twelfth he said
32:17i stand before the senate assemble for two hundred and twelve years
32:21you take away two hundred twelve in two thousand one you get the year seventeen
32:26america was born as a fully formation on april thirtieth seventy to eighty nine
32:31on that day for the first time america competition a house of representatives
32:34the senate and the president together
32:37it was the birth of united states as a fully formed constituted nation
32:41on that day
32:42the government the house the senate
32:45the president
32:46they all gathered in the nation's capital
32:48for the inauguration of the first president george washington
32:52it was the nation's dedication day
32:54now often in the bible
32:56the threshold of a new beginning gives promises and warnings and prophetic
33:00truths moses that the jordan river
33:02solomon at the dedication of the temple
33:04so after being sworn in other nations they have birth washington when inside
33:09the capitol building issued the first-ever presidential address
33:12the first addressed the first-ever presidential words were short
33:16in the middle of it was a prophetic warning
33:18he said this
33:19we ought to be no less persuaded
33:22that the pro precious miles up have been
33:24can never be expected on a nation
33:27becuz regards the eternal rules of order
33:30and the right which have been itself has ordained
33:33the warning was
33:34america's future blasting would
33:36the ads with israel
33:38will hang on its relationship to god if america should begin to depart from god
33:43its blessings its prosperity and its protection
33:46shall be lifted uh...
33:48the warning was given on the nation's first-day exterior dedication
33:52after finishing the address in giving is warning the first after the american
33:56government was undertaken was this
33:58at the address washington at all the other officials those senators the house
34:02the represents
34:02the vice president walter
34:04left the place of the inauguration traveled on foot to a small churches
34:08chapel they went inside we don't know exactly what they said there we don't
34:12we know they were there for one purpose to play
34:15for two hours they prayed they committed
34:17america they consecrated his nation into god's hands
34:21the entire government was kneeling before god
34:24they should israel when judge became it came to the plays
34:28where the nation was dedicated to dot the temple now result in a decade
34:32america like h israel also departed from its foundations
34:37it's thought the prosperity instead of the one who gave it
34:40the warning of washington on that day
34:43there would be the brit the removal of god's blessings if that happened
34:47so there was a day
34:48that epitomized the god's people the first holding of that removal
34:52and that without a doubt was the eleventh of september two thousand one
34:56i'm gonna show you something up with an amazing thing
34:58so never heard spoken when i realize this i was blown away
35:02whereas america's ground of consecration
35:05where it was america dedicated to god
35:07the first inauguration did not take place in washington d_c_
35:10or washington or or philadelphia
35:13the first half of the united states was new york city
35:16it was their america began as a nation
35:19it was there the warning of judgment was given it on the first day
35:23not just new york city but lower manhattan
35:26in fact you go there today and find a famous statue george washington
35:30commemorating the inauguration
35:32everything i just described to you took place in new york city in the southern
35:35part is statue overlooking wall street
35:38after he gave his warning he let the government on a journey to a place to
35:42dedicate the nation
35:44little chapel
35:45there they dedicated to copy would be here according to the pattern we would
35:49see the beginning of judgment
35:51this consecration ground now listen closely
35:54i tell you something on spoken but profound america on the day events birth
35:58of the nation was dedicated god at the corner of the plot of land known as
36:04ground zero
36:08ground zero is the mystery players of american history it was right there at
36:13the corner of ground zero they all parades
36:16the terrace had no idea
36:18they were touching the very place america was dedicated
36:22and we are god's favorite protection was afraid for them
36:25the very place link to the warning of washington that day
36:29that then that would be lifted disappear insult birthplace as a nation is the
36:34corner of ground zero
36:36the place where george washington was
36:38and nails on the day of its for
36:40america's national steel
36:42the depiction of its power the eagle with the with the arrows and the shield
36:46in the olive branches
36:48this was this earliest depiction of this is not kept in the white house not the
36:54it was kept from the beginning of america's history at the corner of
36:57ground zero
36:58it was the sign of its protection
37:01in that in the it's kept in the chapel that still remain standing to this day
37:06and in that place i went as i walked very ground zero
37:09is a little metal plaque on its walls
37:12with a word to the prayer but matter wat the grade there george washington who
37:15gave the warning
37:16businesses prairies of almighty god
37:18we make our earnest prayer that you will keep the united states in a whole the
37:25and in that blaze is where the protection was lifted
37:28as for ancient israel the bricks ab fall and we will rebuild in fact
37:33it says the sycamore trees have been struck down
37:36the sycamore the six harbinger where was it
37:40it all happened on that very same ground where america was consecrated to god
37:45were in that places where the sycamore grew in the backyard of the chapel in
37:49the graveyard
37:51right at the corner of this error
37:53and where that that hair and three that mindtree came to replace it it was
37:58lowered into america's consecration ground
38:01the signs of judgment happened all there
38:04and yet washington's prayer
38:06was also folk tales as well as as a warning
38:10in the wake of nine eleven all the buildings around around zero word
38:13badly damaged except
38:15for one there's only one
38:17that was basically on touched
38:19they called it the miracle of ground zero
38:22the little chapel where america was dedicated to god
38:25in the cloud of destruction that covered menotti covered the chapel
38:29added cover and an actually buildings beyond it got got damaged
38:33but they worked as one building was protected where america was dedicated to
38:40and you know what they believe protected it
38:42was a tree
38:43sycamore tree
38:45or at the steel beam went through the sky the only thing blocking it from the
38:49chapel with the sycamore trees
38:51the biblical side of the beginning of judgment
38:53also a sign of the mercy and grace of god
38:58and salvation which would be for america
39:01judgmental revival well you know it could be bold
39:05what is the car
39:06the connection between nine
39:08isaiah nine ten and the shadow of nine eleven an amazing prophetic word
39:13a warning what will happen
39:15they refused to turn
39:17back what about america
39:18we see you all the same harbingers
39:21as with the ancient isra
39:23now listen closely this is what the the commentaries say on it
39:29versus about the pattern of judgment
39:31one writer outlines the seven th judgment based on this verse these
39:35verses at this
39:36first comes a serious departure from god or from its service on the part of the
39:41nation then comes
39:42divine correction
39:44then comes resentment revolt of the human will against the divine is that a
39:48marketing heating and
39:49repainting the nation determined to act in a spirit of defiance
39:54the nation that indulges in this period appliance will find in time a disastrous
39:58mistake it has made
40:00at the first day to the judgment is that bob i know true conversion to jojo body
40:04on mighty judge
40:05there comes a close second there is now coming a second day of judgment it sets
40:10what for their charge that will fall upon the nation incensed
40:14the warning given
40:15when the first did not work there will be operator
40:19this passage itself in scripture if you look at this afterwards
40:23it goes on to say that the lord because they have not
40:27turned to him
40:28he will now bring nate greater judgment on that land
40:32his anger is not turned away the profits that the lord will cut off israel
40:36and yet at the same time that symbol
40:39off the second more cheerful also a symbol of grace
40:42and got calling the nation back to its beginning with him
40:46the ultimate purpose of that attack on israel was not to destroy it
40:49it was a week off the nation
40:51and call it back
40:53and nation that cannot be here at the whispers of god will only be reached by
40:57his shouting
40:59the purpose was primarily not to destroy but to say
41:04revival often only comes through with the hand of god of judgment
41:10and the admit that turning back as minimal
41:12in the wake of nine eleven
41:14house of god were filled with people think god bless america god bless
41:18america god bless america
41:20and that's good but you know cock enough was america
41:22if america does not was gone
41:24america must bless god then god will bless america
41:30and june after all that it was so easy to witness it was so easy to spread the
41:34word people were shaken but it soon faded
41:37that was the shadow of what could be nine eleven is a shadow of a greater
41:43and so that elating that short lived awakening is a shadow of a greater
41:48and we must be ready for a ball
41:51this is not bad news
41:52this is good news
41:53because salvation that we pray for revival daily paper even revival
41:57of the jewish people are people a revival of new york generally does not
42:01come with easy times
42:03becomes when god shakes
42:05the lord place does this year at the gate of america
42:09and i showed footage of something that took place years before it nearby at the
42:12gate of america
42:14the lord it led me in a group of people from beth israel and its recess is
42:17around the nation to come to the gate
42:19to the statue of liberty
42:20and to intercede for america
42:22and we and they weren't they were praying for the concerning our future
42:26attack of terrorism
42:28and we were praying for repentance you're praying for america
42:31and it it was two years before the attack we're at the gate it was the
42:35feast of trumpet you want to rule out the day of the warning judgment the
42:38warning about calling his people back
42:41that we weren't we're a place that they gave the nation at the place of the
42:45established so far the sound the alarm from the gate and was caught on film the
42:49end of the show for it in the photograph such as the world trade center the twins
42:53one of the northern tower the exact spot where the attack would begin two years
42:58and i put the shelf are down and that that i have your praying the shimada
43:02over new york city
43:02and the video camera caught this some of you saw this a few years ago it's desi
43:06images a plane coming over the city and by the view of the camera if the exact
43:11in the age of nine eleven
43:13as it heads it intersects with the northern tower of the world trade center
43:17here at the gate of the nation the day that we sound of the show fark
43:21was september eleventh
43:23two years before the attack
43:25and then a right after that
43:27a woman of god is here today
43:30cape may have to give me a tape of a of man who had a vision two years before
43:34and he thought a shelf are coming from new jersey across the new york city
43:38a big shelf are coming down the earthly we came across a new jersey we've we
43:41came back a it goes down to the bottom of new york city
43:45it touches the top of the world trade center
43:48and then add lands on the pedestal the statue of liberty
43:52where we sell to the so far to the world trade center that day
43:56and what it landed on a pedestal a satchel every something happen on hand
43:59reached down from
44:00the sky division remove the statues talk show
44:03which would appears on a judgment
44:05remove our bought
44:06the hand reached down a second time
44:08and replace the torch
44:10with something else
44:11with show far
44:13and put a talent over her head elites
44:16shadow of judgment but a shadow of revival
44:19from the gate of the nation
44:21and this year the lord what a mess in a moment to that same gate
44:25this is a prophetic movement
44:26we are a prophetic people
44:28and we both found a prophetic law
44:31we are linked to the future
44:33and and the day that we were there sounding that shop it to the world trade
44:36center on the statuary disappeared
44:38empresa my heart there was a change coming
44:41there is a chipped coming
44:43from the gates of the nation we were at the outermost gates of the world america
44:48and that the gays were to open
44:51and the agency in the spreading of the gospel from israel to the nation's
44:54and now must come the in gathering back
44:57from the gates
44:58from the return of everything that went forth the gospel dot church the children
45:03of israel must come home
45:05the church must come all for two thousand years this gospel to salvation
45:09this power of missile has gone away from israel to the end of the earth
45:14for two thousand years the capital of israel and the children of israel have
45:17gone away from zailem
45:18to the end of the earth but now from the ends of the earth the gospel must come
45:23from the ends of the earth salvation of israel must come home to israel
45:27and that church was returned to jerusalem
45:30and the jewish people
45:31and from that gays must come the final in gathering as we are living in the
45:35largest jasper in the world
45:37we must be ready
45:38for we are standing at the gate prophetically of the something new we
45:43must be ready
45:44we must be watching them
45:46for the gate is the place of the watchmen
45:48there is an ancient so rich of the apostles on profits of in through the
45:52first messianic jews
45:53and gentiles
45:54that was the most powerful force ever seen on earth
45:58that must come again
45:59and we must receive it we are to return it not as the tail but as the head
46:04we are linked to the final outpouring of the spirit of god
46:08we are linked to that we are the clothing acts
46:11of what is to come
46:13and we have a call to be watchmen on the walls the word a large came
46:17and said
46:18son of man i will hold you accountable
46:21if you do not sounded so far
46:24i will hold you accountable if you do not grow claim to your people salvation
46:29and we are the ones who are accountable son of man
46:33if my people who are called by my name
46:35will humble themselves
46:37and turn from their evil ways and pray and seek my face i will hear from heaven
46:42and i will prohibit him had i will heal their land
46:46lament to this message
46:48this morning is the sound of the show clark
46:50it is the time of the watchmen
46:52and we are called now in the end times to be
46:56vigilant as watchmen
46:57you see we don't have forever to repent and we don't have a revver to get our
47:01lives together
47:02early on forever to live out the calling with which god gave us the holy calling
47:07you put on our lives individually and as a movement we don't have forever it is
47:11time to wake up
47:12if you would ever repaired we need to do it now
47:15if you'd ever get your life to go do it now
47:17if you've ever preach the gospel preach it now
47:20reviewed everything at the lawsuit that now
47:23if you would have fair tulip victoria's leah's god called to do it now
47:28because we do not have forever it is time
47:30to be diligent and vigilant
47:32until live in the word and prayer as police apostles and disciples as in the
47:37first century
47:39god will pour out his spirit on the people who are be for him
47:43it is time to sound the alarm air lift up our appointment that day at the loss
47:48its time to proclaim the gospel and not be held back by pierre or compromise
47:54it is time to stop compromising with the world at a wake up so we can wake up the
47:58world this time
47:59we must start rising higher for we are
48:03the errors of the apostles and the profits as they peaked and that we are
48:07the closing last days it's for us to take up the ancient mantle and god will
48:11give it to us
48:12i have placed watchmen on your walls jerusalem
48:16it is time that we stop playing around and stopping complaint until love god as
48:21never before the time is short
48:23to draw near as never before
48:25still of others and it's a minister as never before been wednesday i'm not
48:29ashamed of the gospel of salvation is the powerful god for salvation to
48:33everyone who believes in the june first
48:35and also to the gentile
48:37it is time to stay at the loss of the all-out sold out for him
48:42so the lord's says i have a statue adv washington up on the walls
48:48i have is that you and for that i a m thank you not to be the silence
48:52until jerusalem leibniz thought like a mighty torched
48:56both loopholes through the death of the lord promoted clones
49:00club like to try and analysts three gradual antarctic captured
49:19the salvation of our god
49:21see our intro fateh control plan if you put your calling
49:25well have brothers and sisters for real begins to live like it's a little to
49:31rise to the charge make god also in our eyes
49:34of are hard to see the lateness of the hour and the height and the glory of his
49:38calling in this movement they got strengthen and empower offered such a
49:42hard time as this
49:43may god have mercy and bring his and time revival that we might have last
49:49polarized and shoddy because i live
49:52jab hum and that the law you have a large will
49:56shine o'connell
49:58poor nation shall come to our lion king to the brightness of are rising taxes on
50:03multi employer name that the other can be anointed one
50:07yes you honestly up
50:08who was exalted forever and ever and ever a band
50:21praise the lord
50:23praise the lord let the rise in prayer
50:25let's ride in prayer
50:27let's just want to have a great deal more
50:29great you know
50:30does come before the lord right now in prayer
50:33but let's just take a moment right now let's just join arts together right now
50:37is a very important role
50:40we previewed at the moment
50:42and ward we are going to ask how to feel that come out that we all repeat this
50:47toward god
50:49quite handy for you
50:52that are out
50:54but i would flow
50:55well because
50:58thank you have given me
51:05forgive me
51:08where i repent
51:10of complacency
51:12i repent
51:15and i turned to you
51:18to renew
51:21i concentrate on my life
51:24should be north events
51:26as never before
51:29make my hands
51:31and use them
51:35and guide them
51:36state my left
51:39and sweep through them
51:41my lifelong
51:44or i will
51:46in the former x
51:48of your colleagues
51:50are will be concentrated
51:53i will be no washington
51:55i will be a disciple
51:58i hope you are possible
52:00and i won't go away you leave me
52:04and i will serve you
52:06all the days of my life
52:09as your own holy vessel
52:12toward fill me
52:14with a renewed outpouring
52:17coffee or maja codecs
52:20your holy spirit
52:22to greater
52:24and more mighty
52:27playing for you
52:31that he talks
52:33this generation
52:35with my life
52:37back u_s_ salvation
52:39well gulf war
52:41to the hands of the year
52:43for your reply
52:45and your power
52:48and other
52:49in a multi-million
52:52q honesty dot
52:55might heavier and my redeemer
52:58to him being a glory
53:00forever and ever
53:02came and
53:18praise you lord praise you lord god for a few more dot
53:22but you're permitted to do in this room
53:24answer all the president has ruled and you are touching your people if you are
53:28going to europe people and you are calling your people for the third time
53:32entrance and you are calling your people for the project i know there's paducah
53:37rate in my teaching glory
53:39you lord for what you will do
53:41and lord we pray also for the revival of our people israel we pray lower than
53:47we've read a few openly gay floyd spiritually and physically free for a
53:51lot for the uh... that exiled in israel in new york city in america and around
53:56the world war
53:58lord we ask for the day of the retention or it could make of all that one put a
54:03thousand a five-year and lead to click to ten thousand applied here lord we
54:07bless your name and we pray lord for americana we pray for revival
54:13and let us be ready when he calls let us be ready when it comes forth let us not
54:18to be caught up in everything separate but let's be ready for the day lord that
54:22we might take our place in our national arts orchard are so far lawyer on that
54:27we pray that you will
54:29and we asked now your prophetic glancing toward three upon each one of the
54:34please everyone please buyer has a lot to close the blessing of my father's
54:44newsletter that's hard to log on
54:48we use in a some
54:54the ontario tonight one of the latest on the layer
55:03needs that on another
55:09the are central time
55:16the lord bless you
55:18and keep u
55:20what causes face to shine upon you this year
55:23and give you grace
55:25the lord lift up the glory of his countenance upon your life this week
55:29as never before
55:31as you follow him
55:32with all your parts as well
55:35and the lord give
55:37life for this piece of all the publicity so there's a lot
55:40the sham yes you are missing out
55:43the name of a scientist
55:44or how mom
55:46the light of the world
55:47will bulletins i l
55:49the glory of his people
55:53god bless you god bless you love you

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