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Free Downloads

You can download here free stuff, all virus / spyware clean.

Once you find what you need, right click with your mouse and 'save link as'...

If you seriously need something on DVD or CD or have something to contribute (always much appreciated) please ask, my email address is at the bottom of this site. Espesially DVD's are to big at present to completely have on the site as a whole


Andrew Wommack - Brilliant Bible Teacher Andrew's Site

I felt God spesifically speaking to me telling me 'listen to AW', you also have to lisen to a whole series not just one teaching to get the full revelation and insight

Andrew Wommack has seen many healings, the raising of the dead (of his own son), and people's lifes changed through his revelation and insight into the Word of God

I can not stress enough how important it is to listen to this teachings.
(If I listened to it when I was 20 years old I would have made many more wise decisions and live a life more pleasing to God)

AW's website gets bocked in some countries (like CHINA) so you can download his stuff here aswell Andrew's Teachings

Frontline Fellowship - Pioneers for God Frontline Fellowship or get some of their mp3's from here
Here are some titles..
Blood River.mp3 (Eye opener to South Africans)
Jihad Slaverty.mp3
Reformation of Islamisation.mp3
Revival Amidst Persecution.mp3
Serving the Suffering in Sudan
Slavery - The Rest of the Story
The Crusades and Jihda.mp3

R J Rushdoony's stuff used to be free - on his (was his site) site you might still get some of it free, you can get his stuff free here

Don Francisco on the best gospel artist - with a heart for God in the 80/90 get his mp3 downloads on his site

Bunch of Christian PDF books

Collection of other Christian good sermons

Brush up on your Hebrew download the Hebrew bible plus mp3's to help with pronuciation



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