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Video Downloads to share where you don't have a consistent internet connection


#1 Best Videos of Encounter with Jesus, Angels, Healing
My Testimony - Claire Andoun Atongo
Prepare to Meet Your God by Angelica Zambrano (English-23 Ho
Sarah Binayamo Boyanga Heaven & Hell Testimony(Amy Winehouse

Life Teachings


Derek Prince
(Derek Prince) Do You Fear God
(Derek Prince) God's plan for your money 

Dr. Mark Virkler Prayers That Heal The Heart Part 1
Mom, Can I Be A Witch - Sermon Preview

Andrew Wommack


Defending Noah and the Worldwide Flood - Mike Riddle
Revealing God's Treasure - Red Sea Crossing
Revealing God's Treasure - Sodom & Gomorrah
The Physical remains of Sodom and Gomorrah - Part 1


How Demons attack Christians
How to Recognize You Are under a Spiritual Attack - Jentezen
Israel's Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace



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