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The Creator of sevens

God fingerprints are seen in nature

Modern natural sciences started "to explode" when scientists realised from the Bible that God is a God of order and that THIS ORDER IS TO BE FOUND IN HIS CREATION. Logically, it follows that if God has put order into all of His creation, how much more would He have put order into His Word, the Bible.
For instance, it must be mentioned that renowned scientists, such as ISAAC NEWTON who contributed so much to modern physics and mathematics, spent many years of their personal research on the subject of "Numerics in the Bible". Newton must have felt that he was "onto something".

The following is an excerpt from Bullinger's book: BULLINGER, E. W., "NUMBER IN SCRIPTURE", The Lamp Press, London, 1952.

PHYSIOLOGY offers a vast field for illustration, but here again the grand impress is seen to be the number SEVEN. The days of man's years are "Three-score years and ten" (7 x 10). In SEVEN years the whole structure of his body changes: and we are all familiar with "the seven ages of man".

The various periods of GESTATION (pregnancy) also are commonly a multiple of SEVEN, either of days or weeks.

With INSECTS the ova are hatched from SEVEN half-days (such as the wasp, bee, etc.); while with others it is SEVEN whole days.

The majority of insects require from 14 (2 x 7) to 42 (6 x 7) days; the same applies to the larva state.

With ANIMALS the period of gestation of:

  • The mouse is 21 (3 x 7) days.
  • The hare and rat, 28 (4 x 7) days.
  • The cat, 56 (8 x 7) days.
  • The dog, 63 (9 x 7) days.
  • The lion, 98 (14 x 7) days.
  • The sheep, 147 (21 x 7) days.

With BIRDS, the incubation of:

  • The common hen is 21 (3 x 7) days.
  • The duck, 28 (4 x 7) days.

With the HUMAN species it is 280 days (or 40 x 7).

Moreover, man appears to be made on what we may call the SEVEN-day principle.
In various diseases the SEVENTH, FOURTEENTH, and TWENTY-FIRST are critical days; and in others, SEVEN or 14 half-days. Man's pulse beats on the SEVEN-day principle... for six days out of the seven it beats faster in the morning than in the evening, while on the seventh day it beats slower.

Thus the number SEVEN IS STAMPED UPON PHYSIOLOGY, and he is thus admonished, as man, to rest one day in seven. He cannot violate this law with impunity, for it is interwoven with his very being." [End quote].

During the time of the French revolution under Robespierre, a TEN-DAY WEEK was introduced, instead of the GOD ORDAINED SEVEN-DAY WEEK. Humans and animals could not cope with having only one rest day in ten. Men started to get ill and cattle collapsed in the fields. Soon, they had to go back to the seven-day week. It was clearly shown that God's pattern should not be violated.

Cells in the human body are constantly dying and being replaced. This works on a seven-year cycle, whereby over a period of seven years every cell in the body is replaced.
Many other incredible patterns are present throughout nature, Fibbonacci numbers being one of the more well-known. There is such an incredible design shown in nature that we could list things all day long, but we trust you get the main point. CLEARLY THROUGHOUT NATURE, WE CAN SEE GOD'S STAMP ON ALL OF CREATION.

The one great question now is, may we not expect to find the same phenomena in that greatest of all God's works, His Word?
"Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear" (HEBREWS 11:3).

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