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Quick fix gospel

The devil as infiltrated the modern western christianity with a christianity that in practice believe in a ‘magical quick fix’. (Like INSTANT hot microwaved food )

microwave theologyMost christians believe that a quick prayer, a christianese proclamaion like ‘hallelujah’ will ‘fix’ the world and all it’s problems.

Many spend a quick 5 minutes with God, pat themselves on the shoulder and think they did God a favour. Before switching on the TV to not miss their weekly program!!

Churches teach ‘motivational teachings’ in churches like ‘How to motivate yourself’ or ‘Finding happiness in a depressed world’ or ‘How to handle stress’ these things aren’t bad, but the bible says that in hearing the word of God, does it produce faith, and God is moved by our faith, not out resolutions or feelings.

All the 'things' Jesus paid for: Our Salvation, Our physical, mental and spiritual healing, financial provision.
ALL of it really flows out of having a LIVING RELATIONSHIP with HIM.

Unfortunately quanity does not make up for quality and visa vesa. We need to spend quality and quanity time in the presence of our Creator. Religion on it's own will bitterly dissapoint you if you think it will help you or solve any of your problems.

People in churches sit with hurts, bondages and issues. Only by coming regularly into the presence of God and reading the word of God can a person receive deliverance and healing.

Out in the world there are people with terrible bondages on them and they don’t even know where it comes from. Christians are sometimes too easy to give a quick fix for these problems.

It is not that God does not have grace on us, for how can we come into His presence in the first place, live, or get saved without His grace. His grace daily protects us, helps us.

Book to day some time with Jesus.
time with our Creator


By: by Gabriel Kolbe

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