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Does Satan bless your church - the effigy

Here are some radical questions for a church. At first glance you might think; "Don't be silly, don't be ridiculous".

Effigy: ( def: a roughly made model of a person that is made in order to be damaged or destroyed as a protest.)

If Satan can create a effigy church, (not the real thing) then, when people visit it, they can say, "OK, now I have tried it, and it is not for me!" OR it is as simple as "I went to church and it was boring - to be completely honest, it is not really for me". Christians can decide that 'church' is not for them.effigy

It is because they visited a church, that has been molded into the world's religious view of what church is supposed to be. This is the kind of church that Satan bless, as it has no power, no authority and are no threat to Satan or his dark kingdom.

Satan evangelize

My grandfather once dreamt: He dream that Satan was doing an evangelistic meetings. My grandfather asked God how can Satan do this?

God answered my grandfather and said: "It is simple he just do it without the Holy Spirit". The presence and anointing and blessing of God's Holy Spirit's on a church  - more than theology, more than location, more than the name or label is what makes or breaks a church.

An odd car

Imagine, you have a really nice car, let's say it is a FORD, but you say "I really like this car but if only I can replace the steering wheel with something better, and you replace it with a Toyota steering wheel. Then later you say. "I really like this car, but I would just like to upgrade the rims on the wheels to something better" You then replace it with a Mercedes rims. You carry on an on, replacing the engine, the seats etc.How long are you still going to call your car a 'FORD' while it is definitely NOT a FORD any more.

This is a picture of the church, we call it 'Church' but all the vital parts has been removed or altered.

Is a seed a seed if it does not grow?

If you plant a seed, and it does not grow, and in time produce fruit that produces other seeds, that seed will be seen as dead. Yet, you might have members and leaders in churches that never really disciples anyone else in the words of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Are they christians? Are they disciples?

sunflower and seeds

How should church be?

A few basic points if we look to the bible.

  • Church should be a collection of disciples. Today many church leaders just want a 'full' church, it is more important to have 10 disciples than a 1000 members, that are lukewarm, non committal, compromising.
  • Everyone should share something. A word, a song, a testimony, a prophecy - all practising the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In my experience, a person only really retain (remember, refine, reflect, recall ) things if they share it with others.
  • Leaders should be disciples and making disciples. Exhorting younger disciples (not members) to grow in holiness and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Location is not important.
  • Keep the Word, in focus, read, recite and dissect it.
  • Worship and Praise is key, key, key.
  • Let the Holy Spirit do the ministering. Just give him the opportunity.

church church-life

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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