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Practical Evangelism in the UK

I have been living in the UK for more than 10 years. I think there are a few reasons why the gospel does not advance as fast as in some other countries.

Some Reasons..

  1. Christians are too secular and apathy is rife. Most Christians, go to work, come back, fall on the sofa and watch telly – or look after the kids – which is more or less everyone’s story. I am not judging anyone, since I myself live in this trap, the only thing we can do is, trust the Lord for a way out and replace everything secular in your house with something Christian e.g. secular DVD’s -> Christian DVD’s.
  2. Because Christians live a secular life – watch secular TV, read secular books, walks in the flesh, their kids does not always follow their faith example.
  3. Society is extremely materialistic – the ‘riches’ in the country is hold back by a few super rich – like Prince Charles – which means that the rest of the population has unbalanced work / life relationship. Having to work the whole time just to provide for the family and pay the bills, leave little time for anything else. E.g. RATRACE. Once again here we can only trust the Lord to help us to live free form mammon’s clutches.

A few quick ideas how to share your faith

  1. At Christmas place a Christmas card into every house in your street, with a tract how to commit your life to Jesus.
  2. At Halloween place a free sweets at every house in your street with a light hearted (not to heavy to understand) teaching of Halloween, and how Jesus – the light of the word came to bring justice, light and live.
  3. Celebrate God. Get a book like ‘A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays with activities for all ages’ by ‘ Robin Sampson and Linda Pierce’, although these are meant for Messianic Jews or home schooling. You can use the ideas biblical feasts to involve your children and their friends and children in the street. (Like enacting the ten plagues – obviously with a New Testament fulfilment message), what I would also add to the book is a creation day (everyone wear green for the day??) According to USSHER – The Annals of the World, the earth was created 23 October 4004BC. So the 23 of October sounds good to me, who wants to join me
  4. Obviously if you have to walk the walk AND speak the speak.
  5. After you have read a good christian book - leave it in waiting areas (like the dentist). Subscribe to christian magazines like creation science magazines (http://www.answersingenesis.org), after you have read them, don't just let them hang around in your house let them work - share them with non-christians.
  6. Ask God for oppurtinities - He will not fail you. ( You CANNOT grow spiritually if you DON'T Share your FAITH)
  7. In some neighbourhoods it is easy - ask the parents if you can take their children to church with you on a sunday - you will be surpriced how many people are happy to get rid of their little brats for a few hours on a sunday morning - I don't think anyone has every said 'no' to me - yet.

Ideas for pastors and ministers of churches

  1. Get the whole church involved on giving Christmas cards to everyone in their street with a tract. Provide the tracts and cards if possible. The same for other card opportunities.
  2. Create an active evangelism arm in your church. The evangelism group must have vision first.
  3. Then get short term, middle term and long term goals:

    Short term can be going to the streets on a Saturday night or doing a nativity play.

    Medium term can be analysing the society you live in, like the amount of Muslims, house wives, business people in you town. Find out what is the best way to reach each of these groups. (Sorry pastor preaching from the pulpit every Sunday is not enough, get your ass on the street!). Also start investigating what percentages you spend with which groups - if you spend 99% of your time with other Christians, how do you plan to evangelise. Often people in a church will only evangelise as much as their leader do. So if you wait for the members in your church to bring people to church and you only 'evangelise' in church services; you will probably see the slow growth rate reflected in your church.

    Long term solutions is probably something that is a plan for the next 5 years (it is not to get your own building). Like systematic meetings with all the business people in your town - Christian or not - ask if you can pray for their businesses - who are going to say 'no' even Muslims will say yes, this is a great oppurtinity for Jesus to do a miracle- and bless someone?

    Build business relationships with as many as you can - e.g. ask for 10% off on a Monday for everyone in your church who go to their shop on a Monday - it is not about the money but they might visit your church and then to see what is all about.

  4. Ethnic communities probably have different church needs than the average western Christian. Muslims might be more comfortable sitting on the ground – take their shoes of before they enter etc (as they would do in a mosque). Do not force ethnic communities to ‘speak English’ at all times, when they social together accept that they want to speak in their own language with each other – and that they are not talking to you or gossiping about you. In time when Christians become mature, culture reduces in importance and biblical culture and character increases. But for young Christians culture might be vitally important. As Paul says ‘be all things for all men’

witnessing evangelising

By: Gabriel Kolbe

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