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Philosophy of life in the universe

The following conversation arises between me and ‘Ben’

‘Ben’ is a typical European, Australian, Kiwi – 'type'. His thought process and arguments I have heard many times.

Ben: The universe is so big that there must be life somewhere out there.

Me: Two ‘A’s’ don’t make a ‘B’ it’s like saying a very big apple is a water melon. Also the universe is totally anti-life. Just look what we need in order to survive on earth. The size of the earth is crucial, the speed it rotates, the degree it is tilted (23╟) otherwise we burn on one side and freeze on the other and seasons will be impossible, the size of the moon, the distance of the moon – to help the ocean currents, the atmospheer, the gas mixtures is so crucial and must be totally accurate for life to be able to live, not to speak of our distance from the sun, the size of our sun, the thickness of the earth’s crust- that allow enough, but not to much volcanic action (+/- 4 km opposed to Venus 30 km) (this is necessary for the gasses in the atmospheer) The nickel core of the earth  - that helps gravitation ect,ect, there are hundereds of such examples. On top of this, astronomers today can see very far into the universe, and it is noted that 60% of all stars which is similar to ‘sun’ in not in ʼn a solar system like our and have no planets revolving around them. The chance of life in the universe and that our planet come into existance – is 1to1099 

(1 to10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000     0000000000000000000000000000000000000)
Would you bet your money against odds like this. If you do, you watch to much T.V. ;)

universeBen: Maybe life in the universe is not life as we know it. I have heard that they have found bacteria in volcanic ash. Maybe life in space don’t need the restriction we need for life to exist.

Me: Scientists discovered when they did reseach about genetics that a rabit and vegetables and humans’s genes don’t differ very much at all. This evidence and the fact that scientists have predicted missing elements in the periodic table even before they have been discoverd means that physical life travels on a very narrow road.. Basically the peridiodic table is a closed sistem. I.o.w. it is not scientificly possible that there are elements that we don’t know about. And any life that doesn’t consist out of this physical periodic table is is not physical any more. Life that fall outside this periodic table is not physical but falls in another dimention – we call it ‘spiritual’. It is possible to bombard other planets far away with ultaviolet rays when we receive a colour spectum back, we can see what elements other far away planets consist of. Scientific and natural laws work every where in the universe the same, because of predictability we can send probes to Mars and precisly predict what course they will follow.  

Ben: The universe is has been going on for billions and billions of years and it is never is endless, it must be possible that there are intellegent life some where.

Me: Firstly you take for granted that the universe is endless and etenal. Edwin Hubble discovered that starclusters and galaxies are moving away form us, this is called the Hubble law. If you ‘rewind the clock’ it means that everything started at one starting point at one time. Signifying ‘the beginning’. This is consistent with the Hebrew bible who believe in a eternal God who created the universe, as opposed to all other religions of the day that believed the cosmos was eternal and ‘gods’ were created by the cosmos that influence us. By the way the, expantion rate of the universe is calculated by Stephen Hawkins to show that if the universe expanded with a hundred thousand million million of a second slower it would have collapsed on itself, if it expanded any faster stars and planets would have been unable to be formed.

Also the second law of themodynamics states:

“In a system, the amount of disorder must increase and the amount of useful energy must decrease”

Imagine a reservoir of water on a mountain flowing down, till eventually all the water is at the bottom, but there is no way for the water to get ‘up’ again, there is no sun and no clouds. Eventually all the energy in the water will be out or in a usless form. Now the whole of the universe is also a system, eventually all the energy will be used up, also if you ‘rewind this clock’ it means that there must have been a ‘beginning.’ The bible state that in the beginnig God created the heavens and the earth.

God created the size and beauty of the universe for Himself like the fishes at the bottom of the sea, where humans can’t go, or a undiscovered flower on a high mountian somewhere, to use this principle as proof of life is correct. Yes, God is alive.

 Ben: What about all the ‘alien’ sightings and UFO’s people see. ?universe

 Me: Many of this UFO’s that have been seen do things which break all physical laws, like flying at thousands of kilometres per hour and then make a 180° u-turn, because this un-physical apperance we conclude that they are not physcial. So either they are a figment of someone imagination or they are spiritual. The bible says that all spiritual interferances on earth are from God or the devil. The bible also says Satan discuises himself as ‘an angel of light’. Many people who has experience ‘alien’ encounters have many spiritual problems afterwards and are unable to read their bibles or pray.

Also if this material universe is all you believe in, it will be not too crazy to think that there ‘must’ be life out there somewhere, but if you realize that this planet and this physical realm is just a stepping stone to something bigger.., then everything makes sense and falls into place.

Ben: Do you think that we will ever be able to fly with space travel to the nearest ‘earthlike’ planet, and ‘terraform’ it into another inhabitable planet like earth.

 Me: The closest star to us apart from our own sun is Alpha Centuri. With our current space age technology and space travel knowledge it will currently take us 100 000 years of constant travel to get there. Before any attempt in improving our ‘space speed’ can be made there are mountains and mountains of other problems that will first have to be overcome e.g. like the problem of gravity. Human bones and muscles deteriorate and conception is impossible in a weightless environment.

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By: Gabriel Kolbe

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